Movies You Loved When You Were A Child That You Have Since Forgot About

Don't you love that lengthy title?

... I was just reminded of Pippi Longstocking. When I was little I used to watch that movie over and over and over ...and over. I totally forgot about it , or rather hadn't thought about it forever until today ( and I will watch it today).

What are some of your childhood favorites that you have recently been reminded of, or that this post is reminding you of?

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I actually like that Pippi Longstocking movie.

Monster Squad. Loved that movie and somebody brought it to my attention the other day and I rewatched it. Still great. I wanted to start my own Monster Squad in my neighborhood. 

I can't remember, as I have forgotten them..

I did watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang during finals this May, because thinking was getting extremely difficult, and it seemed like an excellent idea at the time.

Brilliant idea.

I've just had a sudden urge to watch Free Willy, Casper and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids...

It has truly been ages since I thought about Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

I watched all the "Honey" movies. Even the one where their giant baby wreaks havoc on Las Vegas, if I recall correctly.

My parents and I had this tradition of always making an event out of the Free Willy movies. Like we would go on vacation somewhere, and what them while away. I don't know why these things happen...

Casper! Aw I loved that movie...little Christina Ricci.

I liked the 2nd Casper movie better than the first one. And I thought Honey I Blew up the Kid was the best one of all... I think that was the 2nd one also. Come to think of it, I loved Free Willy but I did like 2 the best also. Sheesh.

Not sure this counts as forgotten, but I used to watch Peter Pan pretty much every day after school for several years.  The cassette eventually squeaked from overuse.

I always wanted to mop the floors with my feet like Pippi.

Tried it, not as easy as it looks.


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