So, this is slightly random but I needed help that only 20sb could offer.

I'm moving to Boston in August (yay!) for law school (yay?) and leaving behind DC, all I've ever known, etc, etc. This is an exciting adventure- and good blogging material- but I'm doing it totally alone. Not only is my boyfriend unable to move up until later, but I don't really know anyone in Boston. At all. Also, I'm a Yankees fan, so I'm now scared of ever watching a baseball game in city limits.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew any good resources or blogs about where to live around Boston, foodie resources, safe havens for fans of a certain pinstriped team, etc. I don't even know what neighborhoods to start looking in, so any help would be awesome. Also, I'd love to get to know the Boston blogging community because I will be dearly missing the DC Bloggers, who are just freakin' awesome.

Thanks to anyone who can help in advance.

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Hey Liz! I saw your post and felt compelled to reply. That's so cool you're moving like that! I actually did the exact same thing two months ago. I moved to Boston from Texas right after I graduated college. And I did it by myself, too. It's been an experience, but is totally worth it, so good for you!

When I was trying to figure out moving logistics I spent a lot of time on Craigslist (looking for a place to live) and then Google-mapped everything. It helped me figure out the neighborhoods, and I really love where I ended up. I'm in Mission Hill, which is close to Northeastern University and MassArt and tons of other schools, so there's a bunch of students who live here. I like that because it's a young area.

I'm still learnng everything. A lot of it is just jumping in and learning as you go, but you'll figure it out! Let me know if I can do anything else.
Hey there! What an exciting (albeit scary) time for you! But, at the very least - you're still on the East coast! D.C. isn't too far away!

I've lived in Boston my whole life and I'm still in love with it. I live in the North End. It's amazing. The apartments are small and can get expensive - but that's typical for Boston. Sometimes you luck out! The neighborhood is adorable - brick buildings, cobblestone streets, and the smell of fresh baked bread and Italian food EVERYWHERE. (It's the Italian neighborhood... if you couldn't tell) If you're going to school in the city/downtown area - I think the North End is a good place to start. It's close to all the T lines (Orange/Green/Red/Blue) and is within walking distance from almost anything downtown.

I'm also a fan of Cambridge, you can get apartments that are decent sized and priced there. Porter Square/Davis Square are nice neighborhoods with a lot of bars/food/entertainment - but it only has access to buses and the Red Line. (Not sure which school you're going to!)

As far as being a Yankees fan... well, I can't help you there. I wish I could say people don't care. But they do. I'm not a baseball fan in general, so you're safe with me! But... Red Sox fans take their pride seriously.

My blog is - I talk about Boston and things I do around the city a lot. Sometimes I do lists of my favorite bars and restauraunts. Ooh, I hope you love Boston! It's such an AWESOME place!
I live in Boston, I love it, AND i go to law school. Not to mention our blogging community kinddddd of rules.
Hi! I moved to Boston in July and didn't know anyone either, it was hard at first, but it's been a fun experience! I live very close to Fenway and love the area. Don't mention you're a Yankees fan...if you really love baseball, you'll love baseball season around Landsdowne (where Fenway is). is a GREAT resource for finding food, events, deals, etc. And definitely subscribe to for AMAZING deals around the city =)

Good luck!


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