Hi all,

I didn't know where else to put this, so here it is.

I haven't blogged in a while, and am working on creating another site so I can start from a clean slate, with a web designer.  Hopefully she can help make my site awesome looking.  I recently started painting in pixel form, and have a Facebook fan page for it, but not a site yet.

Here's a couple examples of my work:

The Mario painting is 8x10, and the Hello Kitty head (which was commissioned), is on 5x7, both are on wrapped canvas.

I plan on selling my work at horror conventions as a vendor, but will take commissions if I ever get people who want something (that's why I did the HK head, because a girl liked my Mario painting, and wanted something now).

In addition to my Facebook page, I'll post my work on here, and eventually a link to my website when I get it done.

I hope to hear feedback from all who view this.

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I forgot to add my Facebook page link:

The Pixel Dad on Facebook

Thank you.  I hope you will become a fan of it (and maybe even order something...).  Thank you for checking my work out.  I'm in the process of gridding quite a few different types of canvas, then I'm going to paint them all.  I'll have lots of new stuff to show in the coming weeks.

Here's the one I did for my wife for Christmas:

It's on 11"x14" wrapped canvas.

I'm currently drawing the grids on a lot of different types of canvas, and will be painting them all soon.  Would people want to only see the finished product, or the final drawn piece, then show it after I paint it?

Here's what I have, ready to be painted, I'll upload a picture later.

1-12x16 wrapped canvas

1--9x12 wrapped canvas

1--9x12 acrylic paper

1--8x10 wrapped canvas

1--8x10 canvas board on frame

8--5x7 canvas boards

2--Canvas greeting cards

1--2x3 canvas trading card

And one 5x7 board that has a design on it ready to be painted.

So including the Mario scene, I have 18 pieces that will be going to conventions once painted.  And I of course will take commissions on any size while I'm painting these.  Or you could just choose one of these.

Thank you to any who have liked my Facebook page, and I hope you enjoy what's coming.


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