So I've been reading several different blogs over time, and I've seen a trend where the writer has at least one 'installment' series laced regularly throughout. Like 'Movie Mondays' or 'Trying something new Thursdays'. So, I've decided on one I'm going to start doing. Not just for writing to entertain my few writers, but to *try* to improve myself a little along the way.

My latest idea shall be attempting to cook something new at least once a week. This doesn't include things like Hot Pockets or bags of Steamfresh meals (the latter is my favorite!) Not only will this help me get out of the helpless zone, but it'll also get me out of the rut of eating the same simple things over and over until I'm tired of them!

Do you have any suggestions of yummy, simpler recipes I can try my hand at? And what clever name could I give this venture? I asked this in my blog directly and got a cute suggestion of 'Foodie Friday', which I would use in an instant.. but with my work schedule, my cooking ventures will be primarily happening on Mondays.

Thanks guys!

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Munchie Monday's?

I like this! Monday Munchies, as well.

mouthwatering monday

tasty tuesday

Making Food Other Than Hot Pockets Monday

Haha.  Munchie Monday is way catchier.  I would go with that. 

Haha! I LOVE that, Lauren! That's cute..

So, we've got:

A. Munchies Monday

B. Tasty Tuesday

C. Mouthwatering Monday, and

D. Making Food Other Than Hot Pockets Monday..

Hmm... I'm between a few of them so far. Thanks for the suggestions so far! I think I shall think on this while I go eat my... (well, I guess I automatically went the Steamfresh route again).. Steamfresh pasta with vegetables! Any new votes are welcome, I'll post my decision in my blog later. :-)

Title is picked, blog entry is written, and there may or may not be some blog promoting links for you guys in it ;-)


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