New "post your link" threads pop up left and right and it's getting messy! So here's the one official forum for everybody to do their thing. There will never be a need to start a new discussion of this sort again!

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hello I have a vintage fashion blog

This is my blog where I rant and ramble about everyday life and crazy things that I find online: - About realizing I'm an introvert and stories about dealing with it.  I would love to hear from those who have similar experiences :)
Hey! I write about my daily life.  I like to write about what I do, so that I can look back on it in the future. Sometimes it might be slightly dull, but it's me! Some come check it out. I follow everyone back who follows me. :)

To all those people who post on this thread and have blogs that require permission to be able to read them, bad move. Sorry to be a sook, but seriously, that's not cool man.

that is all.


i check out blogs that comment on my blog :)

My blogspot about music, personal style and um, well, everything???

My blog is mostly about me refusing to grow up, while doing a PhD and having been recently married. It's called:


Science, Spouses & Silliness  I blog about just about everything, including school work people and other things I can rant about :) — I write about anything and everything from the random crazy things my friends I get to into, to the events connected with my aspiring novelist career, to my thoughts about life, love, happiness, God and anything else I happen to think about.
Mine is a Nest of happiness, thoughts,awakening, sarcasm,love,feelings and hopes.

Welcome to :



Welcome to 20SB!

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