I figured that lots of us would be doing posts about the New Year, maybe reviewing things from 2012 and resolutions for 2013. They are always interesting to read and it would be interesting to see what everyone's written so here's a place to share all your posts about New Year!

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Well, I haven't actually done any resolutions posts, but I am hosting a New Year's Giveaway. . .


I've posted a lot over the past week about the end of 2012 and wishes for 2013


Just did a short post on some blogging goals for 2013.


Some great posts already! Here is my post which reviews my 2012: Looking Back at 2012

I joined in to make 2013 revolve around One Word for 365 days. Control.

I went through my entire Facebook timeline to recap my 2012.  I picked out some of my favorite statuses from each month and included short (sometimes one or two words) commentary.

Looking Back and Looking Forward 

Happy New Year everyone! 

I wrote a reflection on things in 2012: Farewell 2012!

I wrote my review of 2012.

Here is my new years post for welcoming 2013! Love you all and thank you for reading my blog this year:


I'm trying to see how high we can count on my blog during the year 2013.  I know that it's impossible to reach infinity, but I'm giving it a try.


In this post, I don't write a year in review, just a short but sweet post wrapping up 2012 and welcoming 2013. A shout out and a big thanks to my readers with the hope of gaining more in 2013! Pop by my Blog and say hi! :)

Rachel Emmilee


Welcome to 20SB!






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