This is just a vent. 

I don't like it when people come to my blog and leave me comments that are basically spam.  I don't know why it bothers me so much. I don't do it to people so why should it happen to me? I follow blogs because they are interesting and keep me coming back. I would never go to someone's blog, scan over a post, and then leave a comment saying, "Nice blog! Follow me at...." So annoying! 

Sorry to vent!

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I agree 100%. If i want to read your blog, ill read it, and im more likely to click on a link to your blog if you leave a comment with some insight on what i was writing about. You obviously didn't read my blog, you only commented because you want more traffic to yours. Sorry sweethearts it doesn't work that way and I hope your blog catches on virtual fire.
Exactly! I had one comment on my giveaway post. The photos on it were clearly high heels with the bridal "I Do" shoe stickers. Every single photo was high heels. I get a comment, "Nice sandals! Follow me at _____" 

O_O 1. I don't see one pair of sandals. 2. You commented on a giveaway post for my readers to put their entries, not leave some random comment. 3. No! I'm not interested in high fashion shoots so why would I follow your blog!? Are you interested in weddings? no! Why would you follow my blog?

LoL yes i dont like it either.  i am always looking at new blogs and if i feel like it i will leave a comment...but i NEVER say the generic..."nice blog...follow me!!" i just leave my comment and usually visit back that blog when there is a new update. but yea i HATE spam blog messages! so annoying

I think this might be the number one pet peeve of all bloggers in the history of blogging. :)


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