The old discussion thread is getting a bit unwieldy*, so this is the OFFICIAL 20sb, 'Looking for awesome blogs, post your link here!!' thread- please post your links here with a description of your blog(s). To share specific posts, please go to the 'Your Latest Post' discussion thread. 


This'll help keep everything in one place, and avoid cluttering the forums with multiple versions of this post! 


Have at it! 


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Really would love to meet more people and make friends.


My blog is on observations in life and looking at things SLIGHTLY differently:

Hey all!

I just started blogging.  Fistful of Folly will be a bunch of random daily musings Seinfeld-ish in nature.  I'd love to know what you think so far and check out your blogs!

Ashley :)

Recently revamped my blog title and design. I write about all sorts of crazy stuff from the random thoughts in my head to The Saga of Office Boy. :)


Shades of Shayes

I'm Liesl from Pretty.Random.Things and would love for you to visit my site! I blog about pretty things and random things.

I'm Hanna and I bloooog at Come hang out and I'll give you a high five (and probably follow your blog too)

My lasy post proved that my boyfriend is a lazy bum. Or maybe that I am an overbearing bitch? I don't know, you decide ;-)

Hey hey, I'm Mark. I write on

Fellow children of the 90s would like it.

Hey there! I blog at

Would be great to have you all there. Hit me and I shall follow you guys back! :)

My name is Tegan and I blog about all the reasons I'm going to Hell at the aptly titled "Reasons I'm Going To Hell"


If you link me let me know in my comments, I am usually happy to link back to frequently updated blogs!

I'm writing at, and my latest post is about...breast pumps. Fun times, ladies. Or not at all.

Stop by and check out our story.


The Story of a True American Hero, His Princess, and their Struggle with TBI and PTSD.


Welcome to 20SB!






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