The old discussion thread is getting a bit unwieldy*, so this is the OFFICIAL 20sb, 'Looking for awesome blogs, post your link here!!' thread- please post your links here with a description of your blog(s). To share specific posts, please go to the 'Your Latest Post' discussion thread. 


This'll help keep everything in one place, and avoid cluttering the forums with multiple versions of this post! 


Have at it! 


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Hi, I'm Lorraine and I blog at

Visit me, kay?




Oh and I love Lor and Rox!

I'm Karen! I'm over at Lost to Gain.


My blog is completely random, all about my life and opinions and pretty much just snarky/sassy commentary about everyday events.

Hello, My name is Stacy and I have a food and entertainment blog/vlog at 


You can also subscribe to my youtube channel while you're at it! :)

Hi, I'm Tristachio of and you know what you will get out of reading my blog? Absolutely nothing because I don't give hand-outs! But, if you think really, really hard a fairy might show up and give you a candy hand job.
Hi, i'm Erin and I blog at

This is RV from Mumbai and here is my Blog Link:
My blog is all about my personal thoughts, compositions, Poems, etc....
I would be glad if you all check out my short poems, and leave your valuable comments over the posts...
basically i used to compose poems on Love, but then started writing short poems on any topic that came on my way.
With your valuable comments , i would be glad to improve my blogging skills.

Thanks and Regards.

Follow my blog in Facebook :
Follow me on twitter :


I write about my life with my now 14 month old daughter, my Day Zero (101 in 1001) list, interviews with semi and real celebrities (upcoming), and a 'General mix of geekery, humor, and all around awesome' (said by rymeswithpurple on Twitter).


I love comments and suggestions, and oh by the way, I'm having a $25 gift card giveaway going on now until Sept. 28th, and there are MANY ways to enter!!  See you soon!

My blog is full of original bits of positive poetry to brighten your day!

Hi, I'm Brooke and I blog at Go Grad Girl about life after college and things that inspire me (e.g., photography, fashion, and anything vintage/retro) . I love making new blog friends. :)

I blog about books becoming movies. And I am awesome. The end.


Fantasy Casting


I'm Sara and you can find me at...


Stop by for a visit...


Welcome to 20SB!






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