I miss the community on livejouranl

chatting on aim

I miss chat rooms that were not all perverts and spam links but actual people.

What do you miss?

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I still chat on AIM with 2-3 of my friends who refuse to go to google chat. Trillian and Pidgin make life simpler that way. 

I'm on board with the non-spam chat rooms.

this nice thing is that you can log into aim in gchat. I stopped using aim though due to being spammed all the time. "Check out my cam!!"

Also, I just remembered the greatest part of the past internet: Homestar Runner

I generally don't miss much from the "olden days" of the internet. It used to be pretty terrible (although we had no idea, because we did not really know at the time what it would become), and things are pretty much just better now.

I do, however, miss the days of AIM and dedicated chat clients. Facebook chat has taken over, for the most part, but I sort of liked the "privacy" of chatting on AIM, even if it was just imagined. It just felt like more effort was required to maintain a relationship with someone through chat clients like AIM. It demanded more user attention, and I kind of miss the carefully cultivated friends lists that gave it that sort of "I actually want to talk to you" mentality.

Also, the sounds. I used Pidgin for really long time, and I loved hearing the little blips and bloops.

The sounds! Yes! I wish I could make my gchat make the aim sounds.

I kind of miss the pre facebook days.

I got off Facebook by choice in June of last year, and I honestly don't miss it. The first few days without it was a bit awkward, but I personally haven't found a need for it since that I couldn't get around through other means (email/texting/visiting people)

In a way it forces you to be more social by not being on it. You have to make the effort to connect.

I miss putting meaningful song lyrics in my aim profile.

I also miss Prodigy mad-libs.

YES. There is a Twitter account called "your away message" that I am obsessed with. It fills my heart with joyful nostalgia whenever it appears.

Thanks, Sweeney, for the new obsession.

I was so excited to come comment about away messages, BUT YOU ALL BEAT ME TO IT.

Still. Away messages <3

I agree. but. thats what facebook's for! (facebook and texting is what murdered aim communication. that and graduating college)


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