I miss the community on livejouranl

chatting on aim

I miss chat rooms that were not all perverts and spam links but actual people.

What do you miss?

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I loved Livejournal.. and "blogrings" on Xanga! Wish Blogger/Wordpress had a similar feature today...

I miss warning fights on AIM. Those were entertaining.

I think it's clear guys. We must revive AIM.

I am going to agree with the chatroom thing. I didnt have aol so I had to make due with yahoo chat and boy oh boy. Ravers Lounge and Goth chat were my homes for a long time during high school. One thing I dont miss is dial up and having to share the computer time. 

I found myself in goth chats too but I wasn't goth. I liked the people in this one goth chatroom.

Really? NOBODY is saying Napster? 

Oh crap, yeah totally forgot about that! I don't actually think I used Napster, though; I was more of a KaZaA guy myself.

Oh yea I totally used KaZaA. Is that still around?

For some reason, my friends and I always opted for MSN Messenger over AIM. I did have the whole trifecta for awhile: AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! Messengers. Not sure still why I needed all of them... I also miss LiveJournal, and Geocities websites... that's how I initially learned HTML!

I've heard from multiple people that MSN Messenger was more popular outside the US. 

I never had a Geocities website, but I remember when I was into X-Files fanfiction, all these fanfic authors had their own Geocities pages!


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