A friend of mine was recently hired to write some guy’s online dating profile and message and set up dates with women as he would like to meet someone but doesn’t have time to set it up.

At best, it sounds to me like the plot of a terrible romcom, at worst, he could be abetting a lunatic/murderer.

I’ve blogged my thoughts already but what do you guys think? Would you be all right with having someone else pretend to be you online to get dates offline? How would you feel if you were one of the women my friend charms online and then went on a date to find the person was nothing like what you expected?

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lol. That is ridiculous. 

Probably no different than hiring someone to do your resume. As long as the info is accurate and truthful no problem. It also gives someone a job, and in this economy that is a good thing.

This is more personal.  In a resume, you hire somebody to structure it basically. I think this is different.  It would be more like sending somebody to a job interview or to take a test for you. Or in the dating world, having somebody else send their thoughts through texts, advertised as your own. I mean, if a guy impressed you with conversation, wouldn't you be less impressed to later find out it was not him?

I was thinking more of the profile and not as much the texting thing. 

Yeah. I think that having someone write your profile for you, even if you're passing it off as your own writing doesn't seem quite as sketchy ethically as actually having someone else send messages acting as you and try to convince people to meet you that way.

I'm with Freeman on this one. This would be very strange to find out about after the fact, I think. Dating is just something into which you sort of expect people to put a little bit of personal effort.

That's an interesting take on it. And yes, my friend is of course glad of any work that comes his way!

I feel like if you are too busy to do you own internet dating, you are probably too busy to date in real life too.

i agree!

Or if you can pay someone to do the internet dating for you, then why not rather pay an executive dating agency to screen potentials for you and then set up the dates. At least in that instance they aren't pretending to be you! That is shady.

x Precious

Ooh. Yeah! That would be a better way to spend that money!

no, i think that is so dumb. if he doesn't have time to look for a match, then he doesnt have time to have one. dating, whether its online or not, takes time. just like you would prepare for a real life date, you need to prepare for an online date by taking the time to build a profile. like seriously? i see why this guy is single, and i have a feeling he's going to be single for a long time...


The idea of someone else doing online dating for you is seriously fucked up, BUT I WOULD TOTALLY TAKE THAT JOB. Online dating and weird, campy ghostwriting are like the only things I'm really ridiculously good at.



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