I am off to Spain tomorrow...yay!...but I'm wondering if anyone's got some great packing tips! I could definitely use them as I am the worst over-packer out there...what are you like when it comes to packing your bags for a trip?

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I've traveled to Europe a little bit, and I've learned that rolling your clothes up (like you would a poster...or a taco...) instead of folding them flat saves space. Don't ask me why because I was totally skeptical at first, but it definitely does save space. Weird, I know. How long are you going for? I'm jealous!
i've heard this before but have always been skeptical too...maybe this trip should be the time to try it! thanks!
i won't be in spain long enough...9 days is all i can manage although i'm sure i won't want to leave!
I was gonna say the same thing. For whatever reason, rolling your clothes totally saves space!
Ditto on the rolling - it also keeps the clothes from getting wrinkled which is awesome
rolling does work, i recently had to pack enough stuff for a year and it does save space, also ziplock bags are your friends
Yes, the rolling thing is true... Strange, but true!

How many pairs of shoes are you taking? I always take far too many shoes away with me - but inside each shoe, is dead space... :( So, I usually try and save a bit of space by packing some things inside my shoes, so that the space inside the shoes isn't wasted... (If that makes sense!)

My friend passed on the great tip of keeping all your clothes in plastic bags, but rather than a "tops" bag and a "bottoms" bag, or similar, do it in outfits. (underwear separate). After 5 days on the road, washing things in sinks etc, you'll be sooo glad to open a "new" outfit up.
My mother always made me pack things I wouldn't mind parting with. That way if I find a few bargains too many whilst on holiday or if I fall in love with a local delicacy I want to hoard, I can replace some of my clothes that I'm indifferent towards with these new purchases. Of course, you need nice clothes too, nobody wants to look like a bum on holiday.
I really like this tip! A couple of nice things and the rest stuff that's seen better days would be ideal.
I just spent a year living out of a backpack, so I like to think I'm a pretty good packer. I was in Africa though, where it's a lot easier to not care what you're wearing. For Europe, I'd say a nice pair of jeans, a couple tops you can layer, and two or three going-out outfits. Try to stick to two pairs of shoes. Also, I'm a huge proponent of the rolling technique. Trust me, it really does save a lot of space!! Good luck and have fun in Spain!
I used to work in fashion and for trade shows when we had to tote an entire collection cross town we wouldn't fold the garments, we would just lay them flat in piles. If you pack them tightly enough you avoid wrinkles and fit a whole wardrobe in a suitcase! Also, before a trip I always go to places like TJ Maxx and stock up on cute, cheap, basics. You know stuff I wouldn't get mad about if I lost. :)


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