I've been in the blog world for a few years now. I have had about 4 URLs so far, multiple layouts,etc... One thing I had stuck with is personal blogging content. I tried a thing where I was focusing more on my photos than anything else but I just wasn't happy with that. I like sharing. I like personal experiences. I was just wondering if personal life blogs are stiill around. 

If seems as if everyone has gone to FASHION, COOKING, MOMMY, or INSPIRATIONAL blogging now. 

Are they any just plain ol "my life" blogs?

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Thanks Karie :)

Yes, they are just not as prevalent anymore.  It's like Ginny said about the niche thing, people want to get famous from blogging and I get the impression most people think their lives aren't interesting enough to do that. So they want to find a thing to market themselves in.

I love my personal blog, but I'm sure fashion or cooking blogs get way more traffic than personal blogs.

I like fashion and cooking blogs when I'm looking for recipes or fashion ideas.. but I'd prefer to build friendships online with people you actually "get to know" :) 

Plus, fashion/cooking bloggers tend to never engaged with their readers.. I don't like that

I agree with the idea that a lot of people think they're not interesting enough to blog mostly about themselves. They definitely don't get promoted or advertised as often.

And I think that people tend to depersonalize their writing since it's hard to be honest with so many people online and you don't always know who's reading. As someone who has blogged for a long time, I can definitely say the internet doesn't feel as anonymous as it used to.

I SO agree!!! 

Good point. It seems as if the search of one google word can bring people you don't really want reading... right to your blog. 

Exactly! Where as before, most people were unaware that keeping blog was even a 'thing'.

Mine is a 'my life' blog, though I do see where you're coming from. :) They're out there, you just have to look a bit harder now. 

Glad you referenced yours.. :)

You have to dig deep for personal blogs, and it's rather difficult sometimes to find them! I've been searching for some to follow recently, and have stumbled upon a few (finally), but it is true: niche blogs tend to get increased views, readership, comments, and whatever else.

I'm not entirely sure if my blog fits into the "my life" category fully yet; it does subtly, but I'm hoping to be more plain about it in future posts.

I guess "niche" blogs are the trend right now. But sometimes the same content over and over is boring. This week nail polish #1... next week nail polish #2... the week after hair product #1 hahaha 

It would be difficult to place what I write about into one category, it all kind of comes together and amounts to a the telling of a wacky kind of life experience in NYC - and by personal, the posts can be EXTREMELY personal, like this one: http://whenstarbucksruledtheworld.blogspot.com/2012/03/first-attemp...


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