Today I got an email from someone asking me to post on my blog about a contest they're trying to win.  Basically went into how she loves my blog (although she's never actually commented on it) and she would love if I could help her because I have so many followers so a lot of people would know about the contest.

Now, on the one hand her email was relatively nice and complimentary although it's hard to tell if it's personal - she could have sent the same one to ANYONE.  And usually I have no problem helping someone out, but usually it's someone I've become friendly with through the blog world.  I have no idea who this woman is!  I've never been to her blog, she's never commented on mine, emailed me, done nothing to let me know she's an actual reader.

I guess my question is, would you post about this contest to help someone out, even if it's someone you've never heard of, just because they sent you a nice email?  Or would you blow it off?  And if you blow it off, would you email her back saying no or would you just not say anything?

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meh...I think I wouldn't if I thought they're contacting me only because they see they'll get more publicity...I mean, let's see, if she never commented on your blog then she probably isn't a reader at all...I understand people read through their readers but if they are following you, there has to be at least 1 post that they will identify with and feel the need to leave a comment on the topic...sometimes a comments springs out of nowhere and you realise when that someone has been really reading your blog...
I definitely wouldn't unless the contest jumped out and grabbed my interest in some way. Probably not likely. Possibly for a friend who'd actually showed interest in my writing previously but, again, I would hope to be able to present it in a worthwhile manner.

I have put work into building up my blog over the last couple months. I don't think I'd want to use that as a platform for a random agenda.
Nope. Save those kind of posts for things that mean something to you, your readers will appreciate it.
Thanks all!

I basically emailed her back and told her that I generally wouldn't do that sort of thing but that I did go ahead and vote for her (it's a contest to get your bathroom remodeled - so she submitted her bathroom and I do agree that it could definitely use a remodel).

She did email me back and thank me, so that was nice anyway.
I think you did the right thing. I would only post something like that for a friend.


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