I have tried to contact the 20sb support team, but I haven't had ANY responses.  There is a blogger that is plagiarizing intellectual property.  Someone please respond and do something about this.

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While I understand your distress, I fail to see how this situation is the responsibility of 20SB. 

The blogger is prominently advertising the blog throughout 20sb.  And sure, it's probably not their responsibility, but I asked them what do to -- I haven't heard anything -- I just want to know what to do.  Where to go, who to talk to.  And I haven't heard anything, like they don't care if a blogger is ripping people off.  Please don't undermine intellectual property to me; I work with it every day in medical devices.

I see that 20sb got back to you with some ideas, but my suggestion is to call her out. Link to the original source you find and post it in the comments and tell her to cut it out! I'm not sure what more you can do than that. Please share what you end up doing so have some ideas for how to proceed if we discover others doing this.




She took down the post that was identical to a Jenna Marbles video, but her post on Cupcake Wars is pretty much straight from foodnetworkhumor.com, and her post on the Goliath Bird Eating Spider is verbatim from the book John Dies in the End.

Sad! This is blogging. I mean, it's not like writing a research in composition 101.

Nice to know we identified the same person.


This entry is lifted verbatim (well, almost verbatim-- she changed the location from Portland to Paris) off a Donald Miller book titled "Blue Like Jazz", with no mention or credit to the original author.

Was it the Disney princess post?  I follow her blog on my reader, and it still shows up.  I commented on it and was looking to see if there was a follow up comment, only to see it was taken down.

Yes, the Disney princess post was the one that she took directly from a Jenna Marbles vlog.

FYI, we got your email yesterday and are working on it. Just sort of a crazy time for the team with classes, family, hurricanes, etc... We do want to help and are trying to figure out the best way to do so. I'm contacting you now with a few suggestions.

I got your messages and have responded.  Thank you so much!

I'm curious to see what everyone has to say. Last year, I participated in NaNoWriMo and posted my story on my site as I went along. I then had a reader inform me that someone was posting my novel--verbatim--on their blog. I left comments asking them to remove the content and threatened to take legal action, but it's hard when it's online and people can hide behind an anonymous identity. In my case, it took a few months, but they finally took the plagiarized work down. I hope this gets resolved,   


Welcome to 20SB!






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