I have tried to contact the 20sb support team, but I haven't had ANY responses.  There is a blogger that is plagiarizing intellectual property.  Someone please respond and do something about this.

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I read the comment she left on Park Ave. Pub. If what she says is true, that means someone has been impersonating her for two years, since the Goliath Bird Eating Spider post she wrote for her blog at allie-howell.blogspot.com is dated for July 2010. I find that very hard to believe.

Yeah. Bed ridden and blind, she was randomly surfing a 20 something Blogging community that "she's not a member of" to see that a "Fake Allie" had stolen her identity, created several fake accounts, stole photos of her, uploaded videos of her singing and playing the guitar and took part in discussions that she actually would have interest in like STAR WARS. Funny how she found all this the day after she was called out on plagiarism and interesting how she was able to deactivate all these accounts so quickly, even though she wasn't the one who created them.

If what she's saying is true, then FRIG... that sure sucks! But I too find it very hard to believe.

People go to great lengths I tell yah.

In light of all this nonsense, if any of my readers see someone trying to copy my stuff (blogs or fiction work), please let me know so I can give 'em hell!

I just have to comment to add my WTF to plagiarism. I mean how lame do you have to be. Do you not have a brain? Can you not form words yourself? It's pathetic.

And if anyone plagiarizes my dance moves I will flip out.

I steal your dance moves all the time. They make me look cool. I have Jew-y White Girl rhythm.

I definitely agree with all the WTF comments about the plagiarism...why would you even have a blog then? 

So what do you do if somebody does copy your stuff? Do you do anything to 'protect' your content (even though that's impossible to do 100%)? 

Just curious because someone plagiarized one of my posts this week. It isn't a huge deal but obviously I'd rather it not happen again. Thanks guys! 

WordPress self hosted has several anti plagiarizer plugins that help, there used to be a really good digital fingerprint plugin that would scour the internet and find anything that matched your post, but that plugin is no longer kept up. I'm not sure what blogger has if anything.

I can see the point of taking care of your own and your friends, but to act as the police of the internet seems time consuming and relatively pointless.

Eventually, if someone gets well known and their content does not belong to them, they will be found out.


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