Alright, so it's not just pop punk that I'm looking for. It's flat out, unadulterated, generic-as-hell pop punk. Since I started working at Hot Topic (a guy's gotta eat...), I've been hearing a ton of unimpressive music that I really can't say anything about other than that it's incredibly fun to listen to; and that's more than enough for me to want to download it and find more just like it.

So, if you're in to the pop punk sort of genre, I'm definitely looking to find more bands out there doing there thing just like every other band out there that's also doing the same thing! My latest finds have been (every band that wants to sound like Paramore) Hey Monday, VersaEmerge, Vega Under Fire, and a few others that I forgot to check the names of when they came on the player at work. If you know those bands and have similar bands that you'd like to list, I'd certainly appreciate your reply!

On a completely different genre, if you're in to hardcore/post hardcore/metalcore/whatever the heck you want to call it, you should definitely check out This Or The Apocalypse's newest CD. It's fantastic. And if you love all the technical guitar-work of metal but aren't a fan of the vocals, check out I Am Abomination--all the brutal guitars you've been looking for and none of the screams. Just two gems I've found in the last two months through friends. Though... Totally not pop punk.

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the get up kids
YESSSS!!!! Love them. Also check out Reggie and the Full Effect, which I beleive the lead singer of The Get Up Kids sings in Reggie... Not sure... Either way, Reggie is great, too. A little more "out there," though.

Not really "pop punk," but Flogging Molly is a ton of fun to listen to, if you haven't done so already.
I've already got The Get Up Kids' discography! I'm looking for a bit more new music--maybe stuff that was made in the last 3-5 years? There are only a few albums older than that that I've missed out on, I think...
Okay, so I'm not promising that any of these are good... but here goes:

Say Anything, The Academy Is... , Cute Is What We Aim For, All Time Low
Say Anything (...Is A Real Boy) is one of my favourite bands, actually. :] They haven't put anything out that's been TERRIBLY impressive for the last few CD's, but I do still love and support them with each release.

The Academy Is...'s first CD was so freaking amazing, and then Santi really dropped the ball. :/

Cute is What We Aim For is... Well, exactly what I was asking for. If they have more than one CD, I'll have to download whatever else they've come out with. But I just have their first CD.

As for All Time Low, I still haven't gotten in to them as much as everyone tells me I ought to. Which CD should I start with?
I think Santi is their best! lol

Fast Times at Barrington High is so eeeeh.

As for All Time Low, I think the Put Up or Shut Up EP was the best. Start there.

I'll look through my iTunes again and see if I see anything else you'd like.
Cool, thanks gal! :D
I can't believe I forgot about like one of my faves! What about Sugarcult?
Hahaha blast from the past! I'll have to check back in to them. And Sugar Ray. And Spin Doctors. And everything else from the late 90's/early 00's.
311!!! yeaaah (but they're not really poppy)

Phantom Planet? Anything that's not "California".
Are you into undiscovered/unsigned bands? Check out Venice Sunlight. They're an unsigned band out of Philly, they just put out their third EP and they promote the hell out of themselves. Here's a link:

They're really awesome.
I'll listen to anything once, and as long as the quality is decent and the tunes are catchy, I can enjoy it! :D I'll give these guys a listen asap.


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