Would you ever pose nude for any publication? What if you were offered a lot of money?

I don't think I could. I was offered to be in Playboy, but I declined the opportunity. Not because I am insecure with my body, but because it's just not me. What about you?

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I used to pose nude for painters and drawing classes, then made my way into photography from there (so it wasn't anything like Playboy, more along the lines of Black Book and its ilk). For me, it was less about the money involved than it was about how the photos would be used, how I was asked to pose, etc -- I wasn't comfortable with anything porn-y, so that's where I drew the line.

Anyway, I'll admit that it was a little weird when one of the photographers had a show and I saw myself naked on a gallery wall in NYC (especially in a room full of strangers who recognized me, yikes), but it was a cool experience. No regrets!

Also, I'm expecting that I'll LOVE having those photos when I'm eighty years old and things are... you know, sagging, and such. Just as a reminder.
lol ur funny sagging
I would totally do it for something like Playboy or Maxim. Now some creepy guy i don't know telling me he can make me a star after a photo shoot, probably not.
I don't think I'd be able to. I'm not too keen on someone I know fondling themselves to my naked body.
In a heart beat!
I would! it's even on my list of things to do eventually!
I would never, but that's mostly because I don't look good naked. It's more for your protection than anything else.
No, I wouldn't pose nude for a major publication, the thought of men jerking off to my photo doesn't really do it for me. I have painted nude men though and have been painted in art studio format, I just couldn't see doing it for publications which I find sexist at best, misogynistic at worst.

I was tempted to do the calender some guys at NYU wanted to put out of nude undergrads back when I was in school, but that temptation lasted for 2 seconds and a half.

I'm not against nude photography though.

One of my favorite blogs to read is a long time blogger friend from Singapore who started to supplement her beautiful prose with experimental, and oft times erotic, photography.
i probably would not pose for playboy. it's in the nature of playboy for men to ogle and jerk off and such. i would not be opposed to nude art photography and posing for something like that.. the intentions are completely different with a different audience, etc.

though, i do have a bit of an exhibitionist side in me :)
Nope. I like my body, but it's not for public consumption. The end.

I'm not going to judge other people, but I know my own limits, and I'm just fine staying within this particular comfort zone.
I thought about it when I was younger but now I am so grateful that common sense prevailed and I didn't do it. I changed my career path mid-college and ended up working with public school students ages 5-18 and am going to grad school to become a high school counselor. I can only imagine how horrifying it would be for some kid (or parent!) to come across a photograph of me and bring it to school or spread it through the community.

An art teacher here in Austin lost her job over photographs of her taken by her partner (a professional photographer) two years ago. They were tasteful, beautiful, quite artistic, and were posted on her partner's website as artwork, but to the parents of the students that she taught they were pornographic and she had to go. Just try to get hired in any district after that. It sucks so much but she definitely learned a valuable lesson for the rest of us: someone is ALWAYS watching.
I sure wouldn't. Never, ever (well, I guess you should never say never).

But I feel like if I tried, Hugh would probably be inclined to pay me to put my clothes back on.

Ha! All jokes aside, I feel pretty good about my body, but I'm too modest for that. I'm the only other twenty-four year old woman I know (who isn't overweight) that refuses to wear a two-piece. I just like to keep my goodies to myself. One day, I will marry one lucky man who will have the pleasure of enjoying the goodies as well.


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