I'm writing a story about 4 high school friends who end up back home after college and I'm having some writer's block.  I figure I'd get some fresh perspectives.  


I know my transition was strange.  I ended up back home so I not only had to try and figure out my grown up life, I had to figure out how to fit back into past friendships again.  It was fun at the time, but now I realize I took a step back into the whole party/college mentality before being able to take steps forward into becoming more of an adult.  Of course I'm still trying to figure out this whole grown up thing, but I'm curious how others dealt with the transition.

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Right after college, I moved 2000 miles to a place where I didn't know anyone and entered a serious long-distance relationship that I knew would end up being my last. (We're married now.) Within 6 months, I'd moved 2000 miles again to yet another place where I only knew one person, and then another 200 miles a couple of months after that to a place where I didn't know anyone again. All of the moving, and the fact that I was in a very committed relationship with someone who was always far away, meant that for my first couple of years out of college, I didn't meet a lot of new people, didn't socialize much, and felt pretty consistently isolated and alone. I'm a pretty independent person, and I love new places, so I coped pretty well with the situation, I think, all things considered.

I do think that that sudden change from being surrounded by family and friends and completely familiar environs to not having anything familiar around me--having to completely rely on myself for everything--made my transition into the "real world" very abrupt and immediate. I never really had the in-between phase. One day I was a college student. The next day, I was a grown-up who was all completely on my own. I think the hardest part was that I often felt older than I was and frustration that my friends and my boyfriend (who was then still in school himself) all seemed to still be kids, while I was sort of this island of adulthood.

It was a really strange period, and I was so glad when it finally passed.

I moved back in with one of my parents after graduation, but then a few months later I moved in with my long-term boyfriend. I didn't keep up with a lot of friends from high school. (Side story: the summer after HS, I got a few people I sort of knew from HS together and we had minigolf outings nearly weekly of that summer and a few subsequent. So mostly those were the people that I kept up with.) I occasionally talk to a saw my high school friends but we were in such different places from when we were in HS that it was hard to maintain a constant friendship. I got a FT job right after I moved in with my boyfriend. But I work in a college setting so I feel like I miss college more than most of my friends.


Wow, that ended up being really disjointed. Haha. I'm tempted to delete it because I don't know if it really answered your question at all.

No worries, any and all answers helps.  I had a hard time letting go of college...especially since I had a lot of friends still there.

That'll do it. I definitely went back more to visit the year after graduating. For homecoming, to visit, for graduation, etc. After that first year, I think I've gone back once. Mostly because I no longer have friends there. I also found that a lot of things have changed at my old college and some of the memories I had there are of places that have been radically changed, making going back an even more odd experience. 

And of course it's weird after that first summer to realize you're not actually going back.

I moved back in with my parents after college as well.  They live in a small town that we moved to when I was in high school.  I didn't have many friends there and the few I did have left after high school and have not returned.  I also didn't really keep up with those friends.  My feelings on living at home changed by the hour.  I am incredibly close with my family and getting to spend so much time with my mom and sister was nice, but the feeling that I was stuck/trapped and had no friends my own age was also horrifying.  I applied for tons of jobs at the end of the summer after graduation, but that was one of the most soul-crushing experiences I have ever subjected myself to.  I worked three random jobs in my home town for the rest of the year and eventually decided to go to graduate school in Paris, where I am now, so I guess I haven't really transitioned out of college yet...

I ended up back home after college. I've had two temporary jobs since then (In May) and now I'm looking for a job. Although it's great that I don't have to worry about bills and rent and stuff (since my student loans are about $750 per month) it is tough when I have my mom getting on my case about applying to jobs and that kind of stuff. That being said, I'm grateful that my parents rock!

Well, after college (and I do mean the very day after graduation) I packed up my family and moved to Texas for a big promotion. The week after graduation I spent moving into a new place, getting my kid set up in daycare and settling into a new office.


But I don't think that's what you're really looking for.

No, you're what I'm looking for too!  I always wondered how it went for those who had a quick transition from graduation into work.  Thank you!

I was working during college- that's why the transition was smooth. Prior to graduating, I was a project manager supporting 14 market areas, making more than the median salary for a college graduate. I didn't wait for graduation to get started. My work experience and the personal references that came from it, combined with the degree, is what gave me the smooth transition. Otherwise, I don't think it happens that way anymore. You can't just fall butt-first into a great job anymore.

It's been weird for me. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago - then after college moved to a small town in Missouri 2 hours outside of St. Louis. That was four years ago and I'm still trying to figure out how to transition! The biggest has been trying to find a circle of friends around my age. There is a university where I live - but if you aren't a college student that does you no good around here. Then it's also the small town mentality and everyone gets married before they turn 25 - which is weird to me. So there's that whole thing... It's also hard realizing that I've been out of college the same amount of time that I was in college now. Weird! 


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