Hey All!

As much as I would adore getting a custom design for my blog, I'm stuck getting either a free or premade one.

I've found a few sites that sell premade templates (deliciousdesignstudio.com & SplendidSparrow.com - Closed down to my sadness), but I'm looking for more.

I spent a whole night trying to find some nice premade templates, google + etsy but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

If you don't mind sharing, where did you get yours? Or do you know of any nice ones worth looking at?

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Thank you so much! I'm going to peruse their site right now!

I know it can get costly working with a blog designer, but I'm here to tell you that I work with blogspot for a low fee of $65. Would love to take you on as a client, send me an email at pepperandherpups@gmail.com if interested!!


Not sure what style you're looking for, but here are a few I've found.

Leelou Blogs Templates

A Mommy's Design Premades

Heartlocked Templates

Blog Design by Sheila Templates

Kreated by Kelsey

Also I play around with blog design (you can see my self-designed blog here: Delightfully Awkward), I could probably do something for you if you wanted.  I'm by no means a professional but hey, that's why I would be really really cheap :)


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