Question for all you world travelers...I'm backpacking through Europe and I need your help!

In a couple of weeks my brother and I will be boarding a plane to Dublin with nothing but the clothes on our back and a backpack. We will also be visiting the northern part of Spain and Rome. Unfortunately, we've run into a problem. We were supposed to stay with this religious order that I know from school (free food and a roof over your head woo!) but due to date confusions we can only stay with them part of the time.This means my brother and I are on our own for most of the month of June. That's 2 days in Dublin, about 2 weeks in northern Spain, and about 10 days in Rome.

So here's my question to all you world travelers. Have any good advice? Know anything about decently priced hostels in Rome or Santander, Spain? And finally, any suggestions on what I absolutely must see?

You can check out all of my travel plans thus far on my blog.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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it's funny that no one ever check the date of the posts, this girl is already back from that Europe trip.
I know - I said that already too.  I'm ready for this thread to die.

plan nothing and read this


that is all

hey, there are a lot of cheap hostels throughout europe you should take time to surf the net. Mostly the room is cheaper with more beds for example 6 or 8 beds there are rooms for 12euros. in your place i wouldnt take 2beds room you are backpacking and don't have a lot of stuff andonly young people stay in hostels so that should be fun. Also you can save your money by traveling by train. I think you could also save money if you are a student. european students discount on many tickets but we first have to get a certain card with our photo etc. so you should check if you can do that.

There are so many things to be seen in Rome, when you get there you'll see so prepare ahead!!!!

You'll have great time in Dublin especially if you like beer :P


I hope this helps and hope you'll have time to visit Croatia too, its near Italy, not very expensive and beatiful.

Have fun!!!

Definitely visit Croatia if you get the chance. I'm going there for 5 days for a long weekend and it's absolutely beautiful.

I'm currently living in Rome until the middle of May, so unfortunately I just miss you, otherwise I would have offered you and your brother my couch!

However, if you have ANY questions about Roma, please feel free to ask me. I could give you endless suggestions on places to eat, things to see and do, museums to visit, etc.

Also, check out my blog at:

I've posted plenty about living in Roma, although some of my more recent posts are about other topics. If you go back to my March posts there's a lot of information there about pizza, panini and gelato.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask about Roma.

I, too, highly recommend Couchsurfing!

when I was stuck I always used, and a lot of craziness came from that.

I stayed in a fantastic hostel in Rome called Hotel Lodi (I think?!). It's a bit out of the tourist loop in terms of location, but the people are awesomely nice and it's not that far to get to the metro station etc. Also, there's camping roma, which is cool too, but the contiki/topdeck/busabout buses stop there, so be warned.

oh, and 10 days is a very very very long time to be in one place. check out go ona  tour down south or something.


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