I adopted a kitten from shelter few months ago. He's been doing great. I've never had a cat before and I've gotten many suggestions from others that I should have him de-clawed. I have noticed that his claws have been getting pretty sharp and i have some scars to prove it as well. I try to trim it, but he freaks out most times i try to do it. He's about 6 months old now and he's going to be a indoor cat. Do you have any advices? Thanks!

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I have two indoor cats and I haven't declawed either of them.

I don't have any problems with them scratching furniture or anything. I also don't trim their claws. When they get long, they fall off (similar to breaking a nail) I think as long as you have something for them to scratch, it will be okay.
I've heard this too...that de-clawing is equivalent to getting your fingers chopped off at the knuckle. I got my kitten from the vet, and they had already de-clawed him. Honestly, I still have scars because those back claws are brutal.

It's also really sad to see him try to scratch things, but he can't. He is an indoor kitten, but he still likes to try and catch flies and such.

My advice is to let your cat be a cat!

-Whitney http://chunkyknubbynavel.blogspot.com/
Don't have a cat if you have to have them declawed. Cats rely on their claws for many things. It often changes the entire personality of the cat when you have them declawed, for the worse. They need claws for enrichment activities.
We have not declawed our cat because of our personal position on the issue (like others have mentioned, it can be likened to cutting off fingertips). However, we have not had any problems with scratching as of yet.

I think to some extent with scratching pads/posts & slight behaviour modification (spray with water etc) you could probably 'train' your cat not to scratch certain things while offering acceptable objects(toys/scratch pads etc) in their place.

If you're going to trim a cats claws, be aware of the' quick' (blood vessel inside/under the claws that can be cut into if you trim too far; causes minor bleeding). I find most cats too fidgety to even bother about trimming.
Like on Bolt!!! :(

They cut off a toe.
Thanks for the suggestions!
I de-clawed my cat and I really think it was the worst mistake I have ever made. My dad made me do it. I think that as long as you train your cat to not scratch stuff (a water bottle works the best, just spray everytime he scratches something) then that really is all you need. And a scratching post will trim his claws so they wont be so sharp, it works like an emery board.
Did anyone else read the title in a Jamaican accent?
they do mellow out, I know it seems strange but carry a water bottle around the house with you and give a squirt. She'll learn quick. Also keep a toy in your pocket to throw to distract the kitten is she goes after you. Often times if you declaw they will start biting which can be worse for people.
There is no point in declawing a cat, it's mean and like others have said they use them to protect themselves if for some reason the cat gets out. To trim the claws have one person hold the cat and someone else clip them. If the kitten is attacking you and that's how you're getting scratched, that's what kittens do, they always want to play so make sure you have tons of toys and play with them often. If they go after your feet etc (which my cat does sometimes) I keep a spray bottle handy and give them a quick squirt.


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