I was in shock when I read this this morning on Facebook. She was a truly talented artist. Did you all like Amy's music?

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Society itself doesn't care about the issues that are occurring until they actually occur. From my studies, the mind doesn't become stimulated on societal events until it reaches a particular majority or popular vote aka entertainment news, newspapers, etc. One can be said on how we are sitting here finding out ways to make our blogs or whatever better... but totally ignoring the fact that we have other blog websites that are structured to make a mockery of human conditions. I don't need to explain anymore why I posted the discussion. I thought people who may have liked her music would have liked to know. 


but again, to each their own and every opinion is welcomed.

Her state was beyond comprehensible. She was one of those that would have gotten worse before she would have gotten better. Substance abuse and domestic violence steeped her adult life... It didn't help she didn't have any positive stimuli around either. It's truly hitting me that she became a product of her abuse. Makes me question the treatment facilities she went to... too much for voluntary enrollment.

She was so incredibly talented.  Back to Black is a constant go-to album on my itunes.  Heartbreaking...

How controversial this thread has become... but i sure love reading debates :)


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