These are my keywords for this week. The fourth one down kind of makes you go wtf... There has also been a large influx of people from Russia looking at my blog this week... again... noo idea

lol any bloggers have interesting search keywords to share?


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I work in higher education and was feeling down about my job a few months back, but a few students made me smile again. I titled my post "Okay, Fine, I Guess I Like My Students", which I thought was pretty innocuous. However, now I've been getting a lot of traffic from search keywords like "i like my student", which I'm worried is a bit more, well, illegal!

jajaj, definitely not a good sign... 

A long time ago I wrote about characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who I thought were super creepy. I believe they were called "the gentlemen" or something (it was from the silent episode). Almost every week someone finds my blog by searching "creepy old guys." 

I wonder whats more troubling... having creepy old guys on your blog, or people who are actually in search of creepy old guys lol

It's quite the conundrum!

I guess this is what I get when I post about my 4th graders telling me their favorite sport is porno -_-


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