This was a summer of generally disappointing and critically panned movies. Don't get us wrong, we enjoyed MANY of them!

So we're just wondering... seen any good movies lately? Seen any crap movies lately?

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I did mostly the old movies which I've missed over the years: Beautiful Mind, Crash, Erin Brockovich, Men of Honor,Medicine for Melancholy etc...and some real real oldies: The Graduate, Rebel without a Cause..:-) They made my summer the little fun it was...But I think I'll be seeing Inception and Salt this weekend.
Inception, hands down. For me at least that movie made it into my top 10.
I went to see "Despicable Me" over the weekend and absolutely loved it. It was absolutely hysterical, but also really sweet. And everyone in the audience (from 5 to 50-year-olds) all seemed to like it too.
Inception!! It was amazing - brilliant imagination, the coolest fight scene EVER, and the fact that it was basically Star Trek TNG S06E21 (*cough*) on steroids? HEAVEN.
Dinner for Schmucks was hilarious, you'll love it!
...O Knight and Day was awesome too!
Yeah! we were so skeptical going in, but we freakin' loved it! Over the top and crazy, but that's what it was supposed to be :)
Nope, but have you seen the THOR trailer. is where you'll find the trailer

It was only seen in comic con so it's not on you tube.
Awesome! thanks for sharing!!!
I've seen some good and some bad but the two best from this summer would have to be Inception and Toy Story 3.
Inception was just great...the plot had you following along so closely, even if you did't get it! And Toy Story 3 had a little bit of many different emotions from an animated movie!


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