Do you ever get self conscious when certain people read your blog?

For the most part, I don't care, however my husband is looking at my blog right now and I'm all of the sudden nervous about what he thinks.  I feel incredibly lame for being self conscious.

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Don't feel lame for feeling self's not really something you can help. Just remember that your husband loves you no matter what you write. I've definitely been in that position order to prevent it I've stayed anonymous and not put anything that I wouldn't want anyone in the world to personal details or heart wrenching stories. But to be fair no one close to me (that I know of) but my boyfriend knows this blog exists. So maybe that's why I feel the way I do.
I agree with Kris, that I feel much easier letting strangers read my blog than people I know and care about. It is a strange feeling to acknowledge that, because I should know my friends and family will be the MOST supportive rather than critical.

I guess it's just the vulnerability of it all.

I do however have my blog post to my Facebook, so I don't hide it. I figure they're only reading it because they DO want to and I have to trust their intentions/judgments/etc. I imagine that if I put myself in their shoes and were hiding it from them, that that could hurt their feelings. So I try not to think about it too much :)
I wouldn't really say self conscious but there are some people that I would prefer not read my blog.

When I was planning my wedding we were having a HUGE issue with our best man. At the time my blog was strictly a wedding blog and so I blogged about what was going on. One of my friends (who is also friends with the guy who was supposed to be our best man) happened upon my blog, read the post and told the best man. It ended up causing HUGE drama. On the one hand I actually felt better because at least he KNEW what was up but I would have rather said something myself instead of someone else reading it on my blog and then telling him.

Either way it can be kind of tricky when people you know "in real life" are reading your blog and it definitely makes you feel like you want to censor yourself, which you shouldn't have to.
Must agree with both Elizabeth & Krysten. There's definitely some ppl i do not need reading my blog, and it's always easier to vent to the world in general than to ppl that know you. [Note: Tweet versus Facebook status update.] A large part of why i started my blog was to vent about anyone and anything - i just need to get things out of my system to get over them quickly - but i don't need ppl involved in the situations reading about them. Though recently i've been considering posting it on my Facebook just to see if there's any action/reaction/interest. Still undecided though.
I think I get the most self conscious when my husband reads my blog. I just discovered he is a secret lurker and had to overcome a mental block to be able to blog without thinking what he is going to think about it lol.
I don't think you're being lame at all ... when you write about your life - particularly relationships, as is the case with my blog, it's kinda like putting your diary on view for the world to see.
I blog anonymously because I don't want to have to be self-conscious about what I'm writing. I don't think I'd be able to write otherwise.
EVERYONE i know reads my blog. my mother, my aunts and uncles, my sisters, even my BOSS reads my blog. and yeah, it totally makes me self-conscious.

esp when we were at a work-related function, and after a few drinks, my boss admitted he'd read a post i'd written about anal sex. COMPLETELY MORTIFYING. yes. worse than self-conscious.

When the world reads - you are happy.

When your loved one's read - you become a bit self conscious.


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