Who else works somewhere with the worst coffee ever and who actually sucks it up and drinks it? Where I was working I couldn't do it and posted in my blog about it (its been a slow week).

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Bad coffee is so disappointing. My mother complains about her office coffee all the time. So she has a system. She adds her own instant coffee that she brings from home to it. It works!

Good idea! 

I drink the jet fuel work coffee and enjoy it more than some chain shop coffee (see: Dunkin, Starbucks). That said, I need my coffee either black or to not taste like coffee at all, so it doesn't bother me.

I really dont care for Dunkin but I really like Starbucks, just wish it was a bit cheaper.

regular coffee in Starbucks isn't that bad. But what I do is I drink a lot of ice coffee. I used to add espresso shots to it. Now I just get the shots over ice, much much much cheaper! 

Yeah as much as I like Starbucks, I'm sure everything in Italy is better.

You have to pay for the coffee in my office. I drink water. It's free.

I also dr

We have a Keurig at work, and the lady who buys the k-cups is always adventurous, so our coffee is always hit or miss.  I try to bring in my own k-cups, so I know it's good coffee.

Over Christmas she bought an egg nog coffee.  I kid you not it tasted like vomit aftertaste.  It was that sour-burning taste.  Grossest thing I've ever tasted IN MY LIFE!

Before I finished reading about the egg nog coffee, I thought "that sounds amazing." I'm sorry it was so terrible!

That is awesome and aside from being hit or miss I think the Keurig is probably the best way to go to avoid being disappointed by work coffee. I had the misfortune of also trying the egg nog coffee cups and agree with you 100%. Took me way too long to get that taste out of my mouth lol 

We just got a Keurig...so shit got real.


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