Who else works somewhere with the worst coffee ever and who actually sucks it up and drinks it? Where I was working I couldn't do it and posted in my blog about it (its been a slow week).

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It's soo good isn't it :) 

Am I the only one who worked either right beside a coffee shop where the bosses would sometimes go to get us coffee?  Never really had a job where the coffee maker was used, we just sent people out for quality (work paid for) Tim Horton's. Even for the work events/parties, they always had really good coffee.

No, I've never had a job were someone bought everyone coffee. Must be nice :P

Well, both were pretty small places so there was usually less than 5 people getting coffee at a time. And it wasn't a daily occurrence, but always super exciting when it happened haha.

Gotcha. I've never worked somewhere that small. Once one of my co-workers bought me coffee on my birthday. Which was a little weird. But I was kinda trapped and couldn't be like "No I don't want a free cup of coffee!!!!"

Bringing my own coffee creamer helped tame the office brew. But everyone else caught on and used up all the creamer. Office politics 101

Haha put your name on it?

Oh my gosh, does not help. People are ruthless.

people use my stuff in the fridge all the time. I don't mind except if they use all of it and then put it back like there's still some left.

This is true which I don't understand. If its not yours why do you think you can just take it?

we have the K Cups. We live like rockstars.

I have yet to try them. Well I had it once in the waiting room of a car service place but I forgot how it tasted.


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