Single Ladies - What is Stopping You From Finding the Love of Your Life?

Hello Single Ladies!

I am designing a group coaching program for single women called The Savvy Single Woman's Relationship Boot Camp, and would LOVE your input!

1. As a single woman, what are your biggest challenges in finding your life partner?

2. If you could design a program that would solve all your frustrations with being single and help you find the love of your life, what teachings would this program include?

3. What are your biggest dating challenges?

4. Where do you get stuck in trying to find and create an intimate relationship?

5. What do you think is keeping you single?

6. What resources do you wish were available to singles in your area that you just can't seem to find?


Although I have lots of juicy powerful tools that will help single women transform their thinking and their lives to create the optimum environment for attracting the love of their life, your feedback will help me design a program that is even more powerful - giving single women, like you, exactly what you're looking for!


Thanks so much for your input!


Lots of love,

Jessie May

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I'm not necessarily looking for a relationship right now (because I'm graduating from college in a month and don't know what I'll be doing / where I'll be going yet), but over the course of my undergrad education, it's been really frustrating dealing w/ guys my age / college guys because it seems like the majority of them are just looking to hook up and aren't interested in relationships, or are commitment phobes, etc.


So I'd say my biggest dating challenge is meeting guys that are looking for or are open to the possibility of being in a relationship. Obviously as guys get older, more of them are looking for a relationship, but it's been my experience that the majority of them are not, and that's frustrating because it hurts when you like/fall for someone who also likes you but doesn't want a relationship for whatever reason.


I'd like to see male input / the male perspective as part of a dating program designed for single women. Getting the flip side of the coin's view on things would really help, I think. This is a great idea, by the way, creating a program to help single women. Good luck! :) I hope my input helps in some way.

I think I can compress this answer, and answer for (most) guys as well: It's because we don't know where to look for our 'life partner'. When you're in high school, your best bet for a date was in one of your classes, or working at the mall, etc, etc. Then in college there's girls/guys in your classes, and at parties, and (perhaps for some) at the bars.

My answer would be because I don't know where to socialize to meet singles (and the dating sites aren't worth it).

Yes, I totally agree with you. Meeting people is the problem. Then again, that's been my problem my whole dating life.
Brooke, thanks so much for your input! Your idea about having the guy's point of view is awesome! I will look into having a guy's panel as part of the program. Thanks!

You're welcome. Glad I could be of help. :)

Ok, I've actually been thinking more about this idea and I'm not sure how I feel about it. How can a handful of men (even if chosen from different backgrounds and lifestyles) speak on behalf of all men? I mean, I've seen this type of thing in magazines before where it's women giving advice to men about What Women Want, and more than 1/2 of what they say I do not agree with! I'm genuinely curious about what you (Brooke) and other's think about this. On one hand, I think it's a cool idea to have some input from men, but on the other hand, I think that each person is so unique that it's hard to have a few guys speak on behalf of an entire gender. We don't want one screwball in the group giving ladies the wrong idea!
You're right, and people don't always know what they want. This is a problem in marketing and market research, that people say they want one thing but buy another. You have to look at what people actually do. So maybe the best thing is to talk to guys who are married or in long-term partnerships and find out how each guy met his spouse, what attracted him to her, etc. That way it's more about "here's some examples to give you an idea" rather than "here's a one-size-fits-all of who you should be or what you should do."

Thank you Jessica. This is a great suggestion! I like the idea of giving examples rather than the one-size-fits-all approach - much better.


I'll answer for them.


It's because I'm taken.


It's true.
You're gonna get single women in here scolding you that it isn't a big deal they are a single.


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