This year, I discovered a movie called The Room that is so bad that it's like a masterpiece of bad filmmaking. It's so badly made that it's actually hilarious, and I just did a recap of it on my blog.

What movies have you seen that are so bad they're good?

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Legally blonde. Totally unrealistic and annoying. But if it's on TV, I will watch it.

I have to say I agree. I always find myself watching it when its on TV, but def not something I'd go out of my way to watch. :)

I LOVE watching terrible movies and laughing at them. I've sat through a lot of truly AWFUL films, but "Robo Vampire" comes to mind as the best/worst. I found the full movie online here:
It has everything you could want in a bad movie: Horrible voice-overs, low budget action scenes, quotable dialog ("Well, now that Tom is dead, let's use his body to build a large android robot..."), Chinese vampires that hop, the worst acting known to mankind, etc.

Another movie that comes to mind is "Computer Beach Party." I could only find a trailer for it on YouTube (which is probably all you need to see). It's a low-budget 80's sex comedy gone horribly wrong.

Also, if you like "The Room," you should check out "The House That Drips Blood On Alexander." More Tommy Wiseau stupidity/awesomeness. :D

Ha, I've seen that! That one's intentionally bad, but still funny.

Yeah, once Wiseau got over his initial mega-earnest melodramatic tendencies and started embracing the so-bad-it's-good aspect of his filmmaking (and thereafter tried to market The Room as an intentional comedy) some of that initial magic was lost. Still, I get a kick out of listening to his ridiculous accent.

If you like 'The Room' you should check out 'Birdemic'. Hilariously bad.

Some of my cast mates were talking about this movie at rehearsal a couple of weeks ago. I'd never heard of it before, but this is the second time in just a couple of weeks. Perhaps I should check out its horrible-ness.

Teen Witch. I will drop everything to watch Teen Witch.



I just IMDB'd this as I'd never heard of it. I saw the lead actress' name was Robyn Lively and in my head I was all like "Ha! Is that like... Blacke Lively's mother?!?" ... but it turns out that it's actually her half-sister. Who knew?!?


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