Before I tell you anything further, let me tell you this much, admitting you have a mental illness isn't easy nor is it something one chooses to broadcast to the world. However, I am slowly learning to step out into the light and away from the stigma. So please read the following with some compassion and understanding.

Thank you

Hi my name is Tasha and I'm working on a personal project. I suffer from depression, I have since I was young. I have always wanted to start a movement and grow it into a non-profit organization one day. So I have decided to create a movement to spread a message of hope for those suffering from mental illness. 

The name of my movement is A Msg Of Hope and right now everything is in it's infancy stages. I am still trying to workout all the kinks and figure out the best way to promote this idea. 

You can find more information within the following places. All I ask is, that you follow along, give me any advice/suggestions or tips. I'm at little slow at updating my blog but like I said, I'm trying to figure things out + I'm in school and so my studies take up a lot of my time. 




I hope you'll follow along and show some support. 

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Go Tasha, it's nice to see people bringing those taboo subjects to light and giving more hope to people out there. Do you am on helping all those with mental illness and disorders or just a fraction, particular? 

thank you very much for your reply =)

Since I suffer from depression, my focus will be on that while I learn about other forms of mental illnesses, through educating myself. I will then aim to help everyone suffering from any form of a mental illness. 

I did a post months ago on DID (disassociative identity disorder) if you want I can send you a link. But I lokk forward to reading your stuff. you links on your page right?

I would love to read what you wrote. Yes, the links are posted on my page.

thank you for your support

Okay, I've been trying to post this comment on your latest post, but it's just not having it.

When I was having trouble with my kidneys a few years ago doctor put me on the GI diet, and also insisted that I eat at least three portions of fish a week.
I did, and it had the by-product of really improving my depression.
I keep trying to go back to it now, as I'm in the same situation as you in terms of my weight, but I just can't seem to stick to it for longer than half a day.

Well, I'm glad you were able to post your comment. Would it be possible to message me that diet? I wouldn't mind doing further research on it. Would that be possible?

Yes, I'll send you some links.  They gave me leaflets at the hospital. If they're where I think they are I can dig them out and scan a copy to you if you like?

that would be awesome!!! I added you as a friend, once  you accept I can then send you my email address. thanks again


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