Hey Everyone!  I'm new here, and excited to meet you!  I live in South Florida (Palm Beach County) and am looking for some other bloggers that are down in this area!  I read about all these great meetups and would love some here!


Talk to you soon!





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Hi Jaimie, 


I don't live in Florida but that's a great idea! I think it'd be pretty cool to start up a local bloggers group and maybe meet up like once a month and trade ideas. I think our blogs could benefit from group brainstorming.  Adrian

According to Adrian

Hi Jamie! I live in South Florida, in Broward County.


I know Teacher Girl, who is also one of the 20sb mods also lives in this area. We're both anonymous bloggers, though, so we try and keep our location general. I have met TG, though, and if we could get more Florida bloggers on board, that would be AMAZING.


Annah from Red Means Go is based out of Miami.

Jennifer from Starving, Insatiable is in Tampa.


I've come across just a couple more, though those are the Florida bloggers I'm most familiar with.




Lorraine (I blog at Late to the Party)


Hi Jamie!

Welcome to 20SB! I am originally from Baltimore, MD I just move to South Florida! I currently live in Broward County. I have not met any other bloggers in the area yet, but a meetup would be fun!

Great idea! I'm in Miami, and to be honest I thought there were few of us south floridians here, so much to blog about here.


Welcome to 20SB!






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