HI Everyone,

I'm a fairly new blogger and have recently decided to participate in a blogging challenge, to get in the groove of things. 


However, i've noticed that there's basically no visitors on my blog. How long did it take you guys to get recurring views ? I'm struggling to stay motivated to blog if there's no-one reading it.


Should i just be more patient ? Or am i doing something wrong ? 



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Be more active on other blogs than you are on your own blog.  Comment and leave your URL on lots of blogs.  


The best way to build relationships with other bloggers is to build a relationship with other bloggers that don't get much traffic either.


Good luck! =)

There are all kinds of website you can look at to help improve your blog. Some of them have great ideas. I would say dont worry about who is reading your blog or not, and eventually you will get some followers. I agree with miss sassy pants comment though, reading other peoples blogs and being active in the social media community will help to get you followers. I found a lot of my views come from 20sb and twitter. Maybe link your account to your facebook, if you have one, as well. Good luck!


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