This is an article from a local paper.  Actually, this is the high school where I live.

A little background information, I live in an incredibly conservative area.  "NObama" signs are everywhere along with "Don't Tread On Me" Flags.  Sarah Palin stopped by this summer and Ronald Reagan went to school here. Like I said, it's really conservative.


A high school teacher has been suspended for showing clips of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in his current events class.  One parent compared this to Penn State.    Another parent is upset because this teacher frequently criticizes conservatives and praises liberals.


What are your thoughts on this article? 


I personally think these parents are ridiculous.  I remember in high school taking a class similar to this and our teachers encouraging us to have opinions on politics.  Heck, it was obvious in our discussions who my teacher liked and didn't like.  He treated us like adults, and respected our opinions. Likewise, we gave the same respect. (Note: I didn't attend the above mentioned high school)


The only issue I could possibly see is you do see the infamous Anthony Weiner boner. That didn't really phase me though because I also had a chem partner who insisted on showing me how he could make his penis jump under his pants.  Curse words are bleped out, and even so -- What high schooler hasn't heard the word "fuck" before?

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This might be one of the most ridiculous things I've read in a long time. To suspend a teacher for showing a clip that doesn't agree with someone's political/religious views is borderline criminal by imposing on their children's right to be educated.

It's facepalm moments like these that chip away at my faith in human beings.


Seriously, those parents and students who feel "uncomfortable" are a bunch of wussies. Come on, people.


I hope they send Jon Oliver to do a sketch on the whole thing. Or Samatha B, 'cause she's the best.

If you read the discussion section of the article, people are saying The Daily Show will come out and make our town look like idiots.  I really hope they do, and I hope I'm there to watch.


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