If you could pick just one post you wish everyone would read, what would it be? I am excited to read yours once you reply!

Here is mine. It is directed at no one particular girl but ones I hope to minister to at the Rehab center I will be working at. kphil1.blogspot.com/2009/07/if-we-sat-down-for-coffee.html

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this gave me a good laugh. We have the same thing at my Six flags in NY
My post is over 3 years old, and not very well written--I was very sleep deprived and in a strange state of mind when I wrote it--but it may be one of my only entirely serious posts.

It's about a fire in my apartment complex on January 27, 2007. Here it is.
wow, Sorry you had to experience this.
A man in ratty shoes means he's either afraid of change, oblivious to the fact that he needs a change, or incapable of making a change on his own. <-- this quote is just too funny. ha ha ha
Haha. One of the worst days of my life. I'm so over dramatic. It was my Adventures in Hicktown.
ha ha. what a great way to end the story. I assume he is referring to the Brad Paisly song.
This was my Thanksgiving post, but I really love it. I'm admittedly terrible at blogging and it's probably one of the first long posts I wrote that I loved every word of it. It's probably the first post where it's me, my heart. I think it's also one of my favorites because it's the only one where I really talk about my marriage, my husband, our relationship. I really wish everyone could read it and either think to themselves "I feel the same way about (spouse/significant other)." or "That's what I want/deserve in my future marriage."

I wrote this one morning when I was deep in the realization of how upside down my life was after separating from my husband. www.luvsdetriment.blogspot.com titled Uncomfortable
There are a couple of posts from way back when I started the blog and the only person reading was my mom that I've actually considered re-posting for the people who are kind enough to pay attention to my ramblings these days. One of them would definitely have to be the post about the day I had to investigate crop circles and wound up flying a plane.
Check it out here if you're interested.

THIS is my first ever blog post! There's not much to it, but I reference it quite a bit in other entries. My hubby will looooove that I'm bringing more attention to this post :P
i haven't been blogging for long, so trying to find a post that i think people will "kinda get to know me in only one entry" is a little difficult. nonetheless, i chose this one. because it's everyday life for me.


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