Does anybody read the "About Me" section of blogs?

Or is this another one of those things that we- as narcissistic bloggers- think other people want to read, but nobody actually does?

What does your "About Me" section say? Do you update it? Do you think people read it?

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I read them when I want to find out quickly where someone is from or how old they are. Actually now that I think about it, if I read a new blog I do tend to look for an about me section just so I can get a quick over view of the person. I find my about me section kind of amusing. But considering its not labeled "about me" I dont know how many people read it.

You're right...your about me section is super amusing.  As soon as I was done reading I signed in as a follower.

Thanks! I liked your blog so I followed you back.

It's one of the first things I check out when I'm reading a blog for the first time, too. I think it's a good way to get some perspective on the blog and the blogger.

My "about me" sums up the purpose of my blog, which may not be apparent if you're a first-timer because I blog on a variety of topics.

I tend to forget about mine. Which probably isn't a good thing, because when I checked it a few weeks ago, it still said I was living in Canberra... I read them occasionally. Sometimes I'll get all "FOLLOW ALL THE BLOGS!", whereas other times I'm like "Well, who is this person? I need to know more about them before I add them to my GReader..."

I'm pretty sure my About Me section is really really boring. I basically just added it so that my name is *somewhere* on my blog without me having to use it in every post!

The fact that you use your name in your "About Me" is what made me know that it was OK to use your name other places (that you weren't trying to be anonymous or semi-anonymous!)

I usually read them when deciding if I'm going to follow or not. I've never read anything there though that has made me not want to follow someone - but you never know!

Also I just realised/remembered - I don't really have one! I have my 'profile' which really doesn't say a lot, and stuff about my PhD, but nothing else.

Should I get one??

I really don't know. That's mostly why I asked this question!

I read it if I'm trying to find out something specific about the person whose blog I'm reading. But that's about the only time. 

That's the first thing I usually read when I visit someone's blog site, gives me a quick rundown of what their blog is about and the person they want to portray to the world, it helps me decide if I'm going to read anything else :)

My About Me just tells a lil bit about me and what to expect about the website...which is pretty much what I want to find when I read other people's about mes... :D I update it like once a year, when something major got married, moved countries hehe.

I'm not sure if anyone reads it, but I'd like em to :)

Here's mine: Introduction to Island Meets City

Cute about me that you have btw :) That is so rad homeschooling your kids! And I LOVE fantasy casting hehe, it's always awesome to see how other people view the characters and what they think they'd look like or behave like if they were made into a movie, sometimes movies seriously miss what the general public was imagining lol But I have to say I really loved the casting for 'Memoirs of a Geisha' book to movie it was pretty close :) Harry Potter too, the characters looked similar to what I had imagined, well the main 3 anyways, and Hagrid too :) But I will always love the books more hehe they capture something the movies could not.

I have a serious about me and a not so serious one. I get a lot of people reading the serious one, though I don't think it gives as good of a description of my personality as the fun one does. Thoughts?

Actual -

Fun (FAQs) -

I read it and sometimes make the decision to subscribe or not  based on it.


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