I was catching up with my Reader after nearly a month away from any serious blog-reading time. One of my favourite blogs touched on a lot of things I've been thinking about, worrying about. Things I've been assessing and feeling and wondering about. I shared it with a number of people over e-mail and over facebook- it's what we all do, right? It was the best thing I'd read all week (and I'd read some seriously brilliant stuff) and the simple act of sharing the post reminded me of all the other brilliant posts out there that I'm missing out on, that aren't being shared as widely as they possibly could be. 

So, I thought I'd ask 20sb: what's the best blogpost (not one you wrote) you read this week? What made you think, assess, question, laugh out loud, hurt, smile, giggle, snort into your Snuggie? Why? 

I'll start.This post on being an obsessive tennis/sports fan was one I (obviously) related to. It wasn't just that my appreciation for Maria Sharapova had also evolved in the past few years, it was that I knew exactly what the writer meant when she quoted Hesse- 'If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself.  What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us'. I relate to that very true thought- obsessive; illogical fandom aside- I can see why Federer annoys me, why Caroline Wozniacki pisses me off. It's the exact same things I dislike in them that I worry about in my own personality and sense of self. Hesse (and Kait) are right- I hate something in them that is part of myself.

Except for the bit where I detest Margaret Court with the fire of a thousand suns- a bigot is a bigot is a bigot. 

Your turn. 

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Excellent topic Risha! :)

I don't have a particular post in mind, but I've been absolutely LOVING reading Amy Este's blog these past few... months, really. She's a great writer and has just really inspired me to pursue things I love and to commit to bettering myself!

This is such a feel-good blog. Thanks for sharing!

Any of Lor and Sara's reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey over here. The number of times I have nearly died laughing in the past couple of weeks because of these recaps is completely ridiculous. 

(Also, I apologise for Margaret Court on behalf of my country...)

Agreed. I think Lor and Sara need to publish their reviews because a book of them would probably sell better than the actual Fifty Shades of Crazy. 

THANK YOU! I mean, I hope no one dies laughing but I'm seriously giddy over people liking these. :)


This needs to continue: Share things you've read this week that you've loved!

Allie's latest post at I'm Not Really a Barista


I laughed so hard.

OMG I laughed so hard. Thank you for sharing this!


I think Stereo's post on Rape Culture really got to me this week. Lots to think about: how we talk about rape and assault, how it links into issues of free speech and movement, how it's a tricky space to navigate pain and wounds.

Oddly enough, it would be a post from one of my favorite bloggers who decided to take time away from writing.



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