Is anyone following the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on Youtube?

Thoughts and opinions on this modern take? The character interpretations? DARCY?

I'm a huge Pride and Prejudice fan and often find that these videos give me a lot of feelings and I'm unable to really process. I'd love to hear what other people think.

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Well, I wasn't but after watching the most recent one I want to start! I love Pride and Prejudice, too, and these videos seem fun. It will take me awhile to get through all of them. 

Let me know how far you make it and what you think!

I just watched the first 20 episodes last night. They're awesome! And really well-cast so far.

You know I LOVE THEM! I think they way they updated it was so clever and you actually feel like you know the characters. No offense to all the other Austen Adaptations but they were always so Lizzie focused that the supporting characters never really felt fleshed out to me. Whereas in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries I really feel like I understand Charlotte's motivations or how sly Caroline is being and frankly normally I hate Lydia, but I love Lydia in this version.

I always waiver! I love Jane and Bing and Charlotte a lot. I even liked what they did with Wickham and how the updated the entire Mr. Collins thing.

I think I waiver on Lizzie herself and now on Mr. Darcy. I know that in the book Lizzie is kind of hard to swallow what with all her pride and prejudice (see what I did?!) but she has humor and you understand more of her motivation. Here, you kind of lose that in translation and a lot of times Lizzie just seems like a bitch.

Not sure I how I feel about Darcy.

And, I mean, anyways, I'm hooked and keep watching.

haha I know what you mean. Lizzie just keeps getting louder and complains more. Definitely not as witty as the original, but she seems to be getting over it so I don't mind so much now. A lot of things in the LBD seems to be a bit exaggerated and are pretty fast paced whereas in the book, things went at a pretty steady pace, at least in terms of Lizzie and Darcy. Of modern adaptations (and books, etc), however, I do think this tops the list. It's also interesting to see what they're doing social media-wise with the characters having twitter and tumblr accounts. Very interactive. Very cool.

I'm a sucker for Jane Austen, but I couldn't get into these videos.  I thought the actors in the videos were annoying, and I just wasn't a fan of how the characters were portrayed.  I'm also really weird about modern adaptations on classics. Most of the time they make me uncomfortable. (With the exception of Clueless, OBVIOUSLY!)

I know what you mean. It's hard for me too. Adaptations and sequels by other people. Those are two that I have trouble with.

Also, Clueless is basically a classic now too, right? Fer sure.


There are definitely times when I'm uncertain about Lizzie and the way she's presented. Plus, Darcy reminds me of the Eleventh Doctor, so I'm having a few issues with that at the moment... 

But for the most part, I love that they've found a way to modernise it for new audiences!

Um... I can't stop watching! I've gotten a ton of people hooked on it too - which I love doing. Yay for getting people addicted to YouTube! And I LOVE Darcy. Kirsti and I have discussed this a bit, and I can see why she's not sure about him. But kind of think the suspenders thing is adorable. At first I wasn't sure, but how that whole thing played out... I thought it was perfect. A lot of times I"m not always a fan of adaptations (except for Clueless... which who DOESN'T love that movie? I mean, really now) but I think they've done an awesome job. I compulsively check YouTube on the days they are supposed to be posted... I also might watch it in the background at my desk at work...

I love him and his suspenders. He's precious.

Bump because I missed this thread before even though I've been watching from the beginning. SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED SINCE THIS THREAD WAS POSTED. I HAVE FEELS. I'm a pretty easy to please fangirl, though.


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