So, I'm sure Lisa & Derek will be putting out something a little more official...


BUT.. just wanted to spread the word a little bit about your new 20SB Team!


We all volunteered our time and energy because we love this community.  So if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of us!

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Yay team!

Hi everyone *waves*


What should we do? I feel like we need confetti and celebratory drinks or some 'getting to know you' games and, and some nakedness. Like, not a whole lot. We like to keep it classy.



and cupcakes!


So excited about the new team (and excited to be part of it)! Some kind of celebration is definitely needed!

I've lately been celebrating by making as many non-words as possible with the word "mod" in them.



Mod'ly duties



Me and Risha were trying to plan a weekend when we could all Skype or something....



we can debate the merits of *cough* iPhone over Droid...

Sara: Great idea! We should all get on Skype and cause trouble.


Rawers: There is no debate. We know for the fact Droid is up in this place!

Thrilled to be a part of the team and joining so many old and new faces!
is anyone else as surprised as i am to find out our beloved kelvo is actually a member of the team? it explains so much. (but the frequency of his sexual advances remains  mystery...)

It explains his perpetual presence in the 20sb chatroom though, right? Also, the red bubble on his picture. I know why he hits on you though, and it's def the sexy blue legs. I mean, who can resist? WHO?



Welcome to 20SB!






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