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@M Your Shutterfly widget hangs out over a portion of your post, which makes it kind of hard to read. Other than that, I like it. It's simple enough to find everything important. My only issue is superficial, and that is that it's a little too white for my taste, and sometimes that much white can be too bright (like, say, if your reader were used to a dark page before switching over, or something). No big deal, though, since a lot of the web is very white. 

From what I can read of the writing, it's good. I like the varying post lengths. i like the prompts you're doing now, may have to try that with one of my other blogs...


@ hanna I LOVE how your blog looks. Just saying. I see you're a graphic/web designer, so that's not really that surprising, when you think about it. Ok, I'm not entirely sure how to say this so it makes sense, but I like the voice that comes through in your writing. I don't really think there's anything that I could point out that needs improving. I think you've got it covered.


Now, if anyone here is into YA books (reviews, etc) and would like to take a quick peek at Pretty in Fiction, well, we're pretty happy with how things are now, but there's never anything wrong with a little constructive criticism (on whatever: look, content, etc). 

Would anyone mind taking a look at my blog? Thanks!


Jenifer, your blog is adorable! The only thing I can suggest is putting your About Me in your sidebar near the top instead of in your footer, so people can see who you are without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Also I just noticed that the Twitter button at the very top of your page links to twitter.com/USERNAME instead of your own handle. But putting the @jenifersaid right in the design of your top banner is a great idea!


Oops with the Twitter! Don't know how that one slipped through. Haha. >_/p>

I'm really debating a whole new layout. I just don't know if this one is 'me' enough. It seems a bit plain. But I'm in love with the photo slider. If I do a new one though, I 100% agree on the About Me. =]

So... just created a new blog design, and would love to get some feedback! 


Love your sidebar 'about me' thingy, very creative! 


Thanks so much for the comments....i'll remember that next post. Being in school i think my writing tends to become quite academic at times. Definitely something to think about. As for the lengthy posts. You're definitely right...i have  habit of going on forever!! lol I'll try to simplify in the future :)

I just wrote my latest post about this! Please check out "Facelift, Swift." today @ MERRInessandMore. DEFINITELY needs some ideas! :)

I thought your bg and pictures did make it a bit busy combined, maybe toning down one or the other could help. I really liked your post layout, it seemed easy to follow through. Your slogan is pretty neat. :) 

http://brunchforeverymeal.com Thanks in advance! Any kind of constructive criticism is appreciated!

I very much liked the layout and neatness of your blog, I would suggest giving your bg some color a pink/beige-y tone perhaps? Or something that pops like your personality, your "Clothes I Look Stupid" post was pretty funny btw. 


Welcome to 20SB!






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