I've been doing a bit of a feature about thrift shopping on my blog this month, and I'd love to hear what you think--is thrift shopping trendy? Or totally gross?


Do you own anything that's second hand?

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This is exactly what my parents did for my brother, we have a lot of girl cousins so I got their hand me downs.  It would be silly to go out and spend 50 on a pair of shoes that fit for a month!  When my younger sister hit that age where she HAD to have name brand stuff she either got my old stuff or stuff at Plato's closet.  

With the economy the way it is and the "going green" thing going on, thrift stores and antique stores seem to be a little more popular.


As for gross, I wouldn't say any more gross than buying new clothes.  Think of all of the people that try them on, or if you buy something and maybe it has been returned?  Think of all the people who process merchandise before it goes on the sales floor.  These thoughts tend to run through my head, that's why I wash everything before I wear it.



It's so true... I think about this too! I'm definitely a "wash before I wear" person, even if it's brand new. Really, who knows where anything really comes from or who has put it on?
There was a duvet from crate and barrel that I was obsessed with , but the only one they had left was the floor model, which they let me buy at a discount. I was so excited to get it on my bed that I didn't wash it. All those people that had sat on that model bed . . . How gross is that? Don't answer that question, it's so gross. lol.
+1 for thrift shopping, especially for accessories, sometimes you find really amazing stuff at 'OMG' prices!

I personally have an issue wearing clothes from people I DON'T know.  Purses, I love thrifting for :) 


I have lots of vintage hand me downs from my grandma actually! Some of my favorite going out clothes are vintage outfits from her attic :) but I am lucky and have an awesome grandma who used to be a go-go dancer! and we are the same shoes size so I have some AMAZING boots. 

I'm a fan - I love jackets, dresses, slacks and coats I've bought from thrift stores (we call them op shops here).


I would never get shoes swimmers or underwear 2nd hand though.  ewww.

Not gross at all, unless we're talking underwear, swimsuits or socks.  Apart from that I'm a fan.  And, yes, I probably own as many pre-owned items as I do new.  Including a lot of my favourites!  It makes for unique, cost effective, eco friendly clothing options.  Especially in a world where hardly anything is ever worn out before we move on to something else.

I love thrift shopping! I used to do it off and on but in September I moved in with my Fiance (then boyfriend) and we go thriftng at least 2-3 times a month. We don't always find much but it's a lot of fun. I could only afford to decorate for Christmas by buying things at the thrift store! I also find many pretty cameras at the thirft store. Oh and lots and lots of classic Disney movies on VHS!

Sometimes it can be gross. I usually leave and have to wash my hands cause they feel a bit icky but I think everyone should try thrift shopping at least once in their life(and go with someone who LOVES it) People are really missing out!

I think it' isn't gross, though there are some stores that do make it less appealing. I never buy shoes, but that's a personal preference. Really, the reason I don't shop in thrift shops more often is because I have a terrible attention span and you really have to be patient to find things.



The idea is fun.  One man's trash, treasure, and all that crap.


But some stores I have been to have piles of crap that are annoying to dig through.  Which is annoying.  Shopping shouldn't be that hard.


Also, 9 out of 10 thrift/consignment stores I have been to have a smell that lands somewhere between retirement home and a cat anus.


That being said, I have found one in Dallas that ONLY sells mens clothes and is organized with minimal feline anal fumes.

I've pretty much given up shopping at a retail store for thriftstore shopping. If I need something, I'll head to a Goodwill or Salvation Army before heading to a store like Walmart or Target. Call me cheap, but I need all the money I can get with a college education to pay for, and my daughter's only two.


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