I can hear the collective happy cheering already!

For those of you new to 20sb this year, the Bootleg Awards are run annually and are nominated and voted upon by you, the members of 20 Something Bloggers.

Before we open up the nomination process, we always like to take a moment to consider any ideas for nomination categories. Last years' winners can be found here.

So, how about it? What awards should we give away this year?

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Blogger you miss.

I saw Sara on the list and got sad.  SARA! START SWEARING A LOT AGAIN!

I really like this. "Most missed 20SBer?"

I actually do like this idea a lot. I was looking through my blogroll recently and noticed a ton of bloggers who have disappeared from the community recently (Sara, Nyx, Danaconda, Mandy etc). Maybe this will bring them  back???

Ehh, as much as I miss Sara and lots of other people, I think these awards should be for actually blogging and participating in 20sb in the last year. I remember there used to be a "Blogger We Wish Would Update More Often" award- maybe bring that back.

this is a good idea. There are quite a few people I wish would update more.

Good call, Katie, I like that award!

I really like this idea! Although there might have to be specifications around it so that people don't just do a "People who post twice a week but I WANT MORE DAMMIT" thing. You know?

THERE WAS. IT WAS MY FIRST BOOTLEG. IT WAS MAGICAL. Sorry, I just got super excited because I was actually going to leave a comment to this exact same effect.

We've officially added "Blogger You Wish Would Blog More" to the Bootlegs.

Wow it's already that time of year? I haven't even purchased my dress yet for the ceremony!

Get to practicing your acceptance speech, girl! YOU NEVER KNOW.

Remember that one year I went around saying, "it was an honor just being nominated" on all the threads. I crack me up.

Best Lifestyle Blogger, or Best "Just Because" Blogger.  I realize niche blogs are popular, but sometimes it's nice to just hear from an average person, not an awesome photographer/mom/whatever.  Just a regular person. 


Welcome to 20SB!






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