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Recently started a new blog and am looking for tips/ideas on how to grow my audience and engage readers to create a sense of community.



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I'm just wondering the same thing!

Wow, great advice Naomi. Thanks for sharing!

I think patience is the big one for me. I want instant gratification, and I know in the blog world, that's usually not the way things work. I also tend to OBSESS about my stats...and not in a good way. I'm thinking it might be good for me to take a month off of stats before checking in again...just to take the pressure off.

I'm like that too! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother blogging but then I remember that I do enjoy it and that it doesn't really matter how many followers I have or how many people are reading my blog as long as I still enjoy it all!

Great advice Naomi! Love following your blog (& commenting when I read them!) and always appreciate your comments! Big thanks!!

William Fitzsimmons is WONDERFUL. His music is so lovely, I love putting his music on when I'm trying to relax. Naomi, your advice is always SO spot on. Thank you! I'd like to add, stay authentic. Don't stress if you feel like people are taking your ideas. Don't stress if you feel like you can't be good at everything. Just write in your voice, and use your talents to make your blog successful. That's what is going to make it stand out. The minute you start worrying about other people, you lose focus on your own strengths.

Ahh I love William Fitzsimmons! i'm actually seeing him in week, and have been anxiously awaiting the date for 6 months. And I agree - being genuine is what will help you connect with an audience, and the right audience. 

I have heard so many people talking about William Fitzsimmons lately-- must check him out now!

hmmm..I think if you just water it a little bit everyday and provide it with lots of sunshine you should have an apple tree sapling in no time. It's important to not spend all your time staring at your sapling waiting for it to grow larger, make sure to spend time on other activities/talking to other people growing apple trees to become a more rounded green thumb. Also, running around to other peoples apple trees and telling them to check out your tree without introducing yourself first probably isn't a good idea. Just know all the effort you're putting in at the beginning may seem fruitless, but there are definitely things happening under the surface, like the roots taking hold of the soil you've picked out. A little TLC, some pruning, and A LOT of patience and I bet you'll have an awesome apple tree with tons of apples and shade that people will want to hang around all the ...oh wait, you're growing a blog, not an apple tree. Sorry. 

hahahaha stellar metaphor!

I would be lying if I pretended to know the answer to growing community on personal blogs. I have noticed that leaving engaged comments on other's sites tends to lead to actual relationships and readerships, but you have to be very dedicated. Really read what others have to say, ask questions, and when you do get comment on your site, reply to them, whether it be onsite or via email. 

The most important thing is to keep blogging and keep commenting on other blogs.

I would also suggest if you have twitter posting a link to new blog posts when posted.

I agree with Susan! On the opposite end of the spectrum, how NOT to grow your blog, is posting comments on other blogs that say "Great post! Read my blog" with a link back to your blog is obnoxious. I am adamant about not leaving my link on other people's blogs, unless it DIRECTLY relates to what they have written, and I feel that it will offer a new perspective on the subject. I would rather only have 10 or 15 subscribers, that actually read and enjoy my writing, than have 200 that only follow me if I follow them back.


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