Which do you prefer: traditional hard copy books or eBooks?

I am a book lover. I mean, obviously I love reading books but I also like the books themselves, as objects. I like flipping through the pages. I like being surrounded with them. And when I'm feeling snooty and I happen to be reading a book in a public place, I enjoy deluding myself that other people are awed by the sight of me reading and are thinking to themselves, "Wow, what a beautiful and literary girl!" I know that in reality probably no one even notices me, ever, and if they do it's probably because I spilled my coffee everywhere or accidentally showed the stripper shoes stuffed into my bag when I reached in to grab a massive wad of ones to pay the cashier. Um, embarrassing.

But anyway, although I love books, I have to admit I am tempted by eBooks. Since I can read them on my iPhone, which I carry with me everywhere all the time, having an eBook means I am not adding any additional weight to my already very heavy bags. More importantly, I am seduced by the convenience and immediacy of eBooks. Is there a book you just HAVE to start reading at three in the morning? The bookstore is closed by now, but don't worry, the internet is open for twenty four hours!! Not to mention sometimes I like to read books that I cannot find in stores. Sure, of course I could order a hard copy of the desired book from Amazon or something, but that means I may have to wait TWO WEEKS to get it. And that two weeks certainly does feel like a long time.

Right now I am considering buying The Art Lover by Carole Maso as an eBook. I know from previous experience that I cannot find any books by Carole Maso at the local bookstores, so I'm not even going to waste my time with that. I already know it's available as an eBook (or really and iBook) for my iPhone. But I see a picture of the book on Amazon, and I really want to stare lovingly at a hard copy of this book as it sits on my coffee table while I take a break from reading to eat some delicious snack. BUT THEN AGAIN, I feel like I need to read this book RIGHT NOW. Would it be really unnecessary to buy the eBook, and then also a hard copy from Amazon?

Serious questions.

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I'm a fan of both. I used to swear I would never want to use an ereader.

Then I got an ipad.

Then I learned that I could check out books from my library on my ipad.

Then I started to discover books that were only $.99 on my ipad.


I still prefer ACTUAL books. There is nothing like holding a real book in my hands and flipping through the pages. I'm just that kind of a girl. However, I use both. For traveling, ebooks are wonderful. (Except when on the flight and they tell you to turn off your electronics during take off and landing. BOO!) You can keep all of your books in one place and not have to worry about them weighing you down or forgetting them or having room in your suitcase. I've also found it handy to find the best deals. With my ipad I have several ebook apps (Kindle, Nook, etc.) and between those and actual books, I can find what I want for the cheapest deals. Especially if you have Amazon Prime - free shipping! Example: My favorite author recently had five of her books on sale on Nook for $.99 each. I was able to download all five instantly for $5. YAY! But then, I was buying some of John Green's books, and for ebook they were still somewhat expensive, but I was able to find decent deals for the actual books that were cheaper. So... that's what I like about using both.

And don't even get me going on how awesome it is to be able to check out books from the library on my iapd OMG

I was so thrilled when my library system announced that they were introducing ebooks! There are so many books that I want to read once, and I don't feel like buying it for full price or schlepping a hefty tome around with me. Borrowing it from the library is perfect. And, since I'm on my Kindle and I only put it on wifi if I'm downloading a book, you can actually keep the book for longer than your borrowing period as long as you keep the wifi off, which is nice when you're thisclose to finishing and need an extra day or two.

RIGHT? It's completely brilliant. I also love that if you check out the book again, it keeps your bookmarks, highlights, notes, etc. So it's almost like you really do own the book. LOVE.

i love holding a book in my hand. i love seeing books on my shelves... i love shopping for books, being in a bookstore is soothing and brings back special memories... 

i'm reading bared to you, right now. it's very hot and sexy, well written. it puts 50 shades to shame. christian grey, who? blah. so lame!

I get the whole "an eReader is more convenient" argument and all that jazz, because, yes, books take up space. Yes, they can be heavy. Especially when you're going on a trip that involves a long flight or car ride and you know that you'll read through at the very least 2 or 3 books just during the flights/drives to/from.

That being said...I will never buy an eReader. (Disclaimer: I do plan to purchase an iPad when I eventually replace my Macbook with iMac, but I don't ever intend to use it for legit books.) Yes, many people have been converted and all that jazz once they got one or used one or whatever. My mom and my sister both have Kindles and they love them. But I can honestly say that I'll never get behind using one.

I love books. Not just stories, I love actual books. Pages, ink, hardbacks, paperbacks. I love curling up in a comfy chair with a mug of tea. I love seeing them all lined up on my bookshelf. I love having a stack of them on my nightstand. I love physically turning pages. I love old book smell. I love new book smell. I love the beautiful wear and tear that a book receives over the years due to its being read over and over. One day, in theory, when I have my beautiful office because I'll be a legit writer, three out of my four walls will be covered in bookshelves. And even then, I will probably have multiple other bookcases strewn throughout my house filled to the brim. I just love books. I love being surrounded by them and looking at their beautiful pages and that's just an experience I don't think you can get from an eReader, no matter how convenient it might be.

Also: I enjoy deluding myself that other people are awed by the sight of me reading and are thinking to themselves, "Wow, what a beautiful and literary girl!"

I do this, too! All the time.

Which is why even though I still use e-readers and think they are wonderful - physical books are still my favorite.

I don't think I'll ever buy an eReader like the Kindle or the Nook, either. But I COULD maybe see an iPad in my future, which I would probably fill with a few eBooks (or iBooks, I guess, whatever).

Amazon shipments rarely take that long if that helps?

Having just spent a month overseas with a shiny new Kindle, I think I can safely say that I'll never travel without it again. It was so nice and easy to only have to carry a tiny little Kindle rather than carting around 15 books. Plus, when I started running out of books to read, I could just head to Amazon and buy some more.

BUT. I don't think I'll ever be a complete convert to e-readers. I'm a fast reader, and having to turn twice as many pages pisses me off. Plus, Australian libraries use an e-reader system that's not compatible with Kindles, so I have to buy everything I want to read. Between that and the fact that Amazon's Kindle deals of the day are only available within the US (WTF?!), there's no way I can afford to turn exclusively to an e-reader. Much better to go to my local library, browse the shelves, and come home with actual books that I may otherwise have never known existed! 

Ahh, the advantage of not having to pack a million books when vacationing is not something I had considered.


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