Got a tumblr blog?  List it here so I can follow you :)

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LOVE Tumblr. I used to keep a proper blog but I've since switched the domain to Tumblr and now keep it for my iPhone pictures and the songs stuck in my head. Been thinking about writing more though. We'll see how that works out. Anyway, I'm at

A few of us 20sb-ers have a group tumblr too, we're not as active as we once were, but that's slowly changing... (and on twitter: @omgwant)
(we're also looking for 1 or 2 more guys to join, maybe 1 more girl.. maybe... but @ or DM us on twitter!)
I want to!
Ooooh fun! I'll have to add everyone, I've just gotten into tumblr (and I remember swearing I never would).

Haha swearing fail =D

I have one for a vlog I'm a part of: and my personal one:


Welcome to 20SB!

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