So does anyone use twitter? If you do, please leave your Twitter name below, i'll follow you :)

Mine is @morrolicious

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Mine is @moodysimon - be warned, I'm a twitter fiend!

I love your twitterings!

Followed! Lol funny girl!

I tweet! You may not want to follow me when the Bachelor starts up again... But until then, follow away! :) @RachelEmmilee

Followed! =)

I used to think Twitter was stupid, then i finally broke down and got one and now I'm addicted!



I officially like twitter better than facebook. @trashynsouth

Agreeed! Love twitter so much more than Facebook. @DeannaEliz


Yay for Twitter - hit me up any time ! @TheTattooedType


lol twitter is alittle creep like that :p


Welcome to 20SB!






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