Do you prefer reading generally upbeat, happy blogs, or negative, sad blogs?

I only ask because most of the ones I see (not necessarily here) are leaning towards being more negative, and used as a place to vent the more negative emotions. 

Most of my posts are usually happy and positive, or funny. Not that I would change what I write, but is this less appealing to a reader?

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I like both actually. I tend to go back and forth between funny and serious. I do notice that I get more reactions from happier posts recently.

We are human, we have emotions, and for some people blogging is how they express themselves.
I try to stay away from negative blogs and making negative posts myself. Unless I've been reading the person for a while and they are going through something I might learn from I usually unsubscribe. I'd prefer to surround myself with positivity and it's always nice to read an upbeat post when I'm having a bad day.
I enjoy upbeat blogs and most of mine are more positive than negative. Yesterdays was kinda sad, though. I just write what I'm feeling and usually it's not too negative, but I do have my days.
I use my blog to talk about my goals or things that I've accomplished -- so definitely happy bloggers for me!
Generally I prefer reading upbeat or positive blogs as opposed to reading the rants of a disgruntled 20 something blogger, but I don't hold it against anyone who does that. A blog is a great place to vent and I do that on occasion.
I go either way. I really like it when someone is upfront and honest about their life. Of course nobody likes reading constant sad or negative blogs, but if you mix it up it seems more real. I just blog about whatever is on my mind. But the happy posts usually get a better response.
I write how I feel. When I'm very upset about something I express that, but if I'm feeling really positive that's what comes out in my posts. If I'm just ranting about something I try to inject it with a few jokes or something to lighten the mood and let my readers know I'm not seriously wrecked about whatever it is.

In terms of blogs that I read- If a blog was always happy-slappy I'd probably think that the blogger was hiding something or being insincere, and if every post was about how depressed the writer is I'd feel bad for them and wonder if they had any sense of humor about anything.

It's all about finding the balance and expressing a full range of human emotions.
I don't think that it's really one or the other really...I think blogs, if you're being honest in it, follows life which encompasses all the ups and downs that go along with it. I've had some sad, depressing blog entries in my just over 2 months of blogging, but I've had some really happy, funny blogs as well. I completely agree with Heather in that we are human and we do have one wants to read a perpetually happy ends up seeming almost fake at times if the person is always upbeat without a hint of fear or worry or sadness or something. Personally, it saddens me when I read those blogs that are "happy happy" all the makes me feel like the author doesn't really know who they are as a person. I agree with Angela - I try to have a more happy, upbeat tone to my blog, but sometimes if crap hits me in the face, then that's what goes on the blog and I think both as an author and a reader, it's a lot more real to read about that.
Me to.

I think a lot of bloggers are going through some difficult things, and use their blog to vent about that. Sometimes it can be hard to do it with people in your real life and you use the blog as an outlet. I do that myself, a lot. I find it quite interesting to read how different people deal with difficult situation and I learn a lot from seeing how people respond to them.

I also like when the blog is generally a combination - happy times, mad times, sad times, etc... It keeps things interesting.
I love reading about people's lives....whether they be upbeat, happy, negative or sad! I think the variety makes it more real.
i just write what is on my mind. sometimes it's sad. sometimes it's funny. i do not write to cater to anyone else except myself.


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