V-day blog posts? Anyone? Doing something special on your blog? Share a link.

Everyone celebrates Valentine's day or not. But how do we treat this day on our blogs? Can you drop a link of your V day blog posts here? February is such a love month! I can't wait to discover new blogs.

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I wrote about Valentine's Day last year http://newyorkcliche.com/2011/02/16/the-best-valentines-day-of-the-...

I don't know what I'm going to do this year! I don't really have any exciting plans other than buying myself flowers, which I am waaay too excited about that. I might blog about that, have a week to decide!

I'm doing a little series on it. Mostly DIY gifts for men. I have two done so far. Also, I'm hoping to get a list of what women want for Valentine's Day. I created a forum on here to try to get some feed back to see what women have to say.

Below is my link to my second v-day post!


I posted Valentine's Day 2012 - Gift ideas for HIM and Valentine's Day 2012 - Gifts for HER Check it out for some great gift ideas! :-) Tell me what you think!



Here's mine. Fair warning, it is sappy.

I created a video called 5 Ways to Love More Courageously

last month, i asked readers to tell me the one word they believed summarized true, real love. i had more than 40 responses, and commemorated them with a photo shoot behind our little cottage. because love isn't always foie gras and organic field greens. it's typically cereal on the porch swing, and that's okay.


No matter what your opinion about Valentines Day is... there's a song for it.  I did a list of singing Valentines which include songs for... the sick romantic couple, unrequited love, and even the person who pretends Valentines Day doesn't exist. http://ning.it/Aw3Ojm

I'm going to my grandmother's memorial service this weekend. When my grandfather died nearly 3 years ago, they were a few months shy of 59 years of marriage. Today, I talk about why when I think of my grandparents, I think "I want a love like this."

Shades of Shayes: A Love Like This.

For Valentine's day, I included an abridged version of how Valentine's came to be in the first place (feat. my friend Dara) and why I'm pretty much the most perfect Valentine's date evar! (I understand that's completely subjective, but I think they're pretty awesome points).


I hate Valentine's Day. But still, I felt obligated to post on it. Here's an excerpt:

"Where it was formerly completely acceptable for a girl to be single the other 364 days of the year, those of us without significant others are left sitting on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a half-empty bottle of wine and crying while watching romantic comedies on TV. Wait...just me? Okay..."

And here's the link:



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