So my Wedding with my beautiful Fiance is less than two weeks away.. and I'm in charge of picking the music.... :s

Except I have no idea ey! :p


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Start with YOU! What music do you like? What does she like? Do you have any special songs - any that mark special occasions for you? Any that you find particularly meaningful for your relationship?

We're also putting out the option for guests to put in music requests for our wedding - you could try that :)

My Wedding song was "Angel Eyes" by Jeff Healy Band... Shortly after, we heard the song "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes and I kinda wish we had of heard that one sooner... SO beautiful! :)

What kind of music do you like?  Do you want something traditional, religious, or something a bit more unexpected & modern?

I want my wedding song to be The Best by Tina Turner

Haha, love it.

My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to 1000 years by Christina Perri which is a great song, and I had an unusual song to walk down but fell in LOVE with it. Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Our wedding was at the beach and it had the perfect intro, I had enough time to stand at the top of the stairs of the beachouse for everyone to look at me and my daddy before it started singing. Great song, the lyrics are so sweet for a wedding : "I'll never let you fall, I will stand up with you forever, I'll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven"

"Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last is what my bridesmaids walked down to - the instrumental version, and I walked down to the version with lyrics. I love the words, and the sounds of the singers voice... I found it from Twilight, but have since discovered every album by Sleeping At Last! Defn worth a listen! 

Just to clarify, are you talking about music for the ceremony, the reception, just the first dance, or something else?

For something a little more upbeat for dancing, but with very sweet lyrics, I can't get enough of Ray Lamontange's "You are the Best Thing." I feel like it's youthful and fun without being intimidating to the older guests, you know?

I'm not trolling you guys, I think this is a great love song and your whole wedding party will love it. (They'll pretend not to.) 

HAHAHA Awesome!


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